Sunday, September 25, 2011

JNS BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Picture Of Sticc Up Boys With Heavy Firepower...

Social media photo, used under First Amendment comment and criticism, blog post by John Hoff

It's amazing what turns up in the dark nooks and crannies of social media. The photo above is an image of the North Minneapolis "starter gang" known as the Sticc Up Boys. "Bored Shooter" Malo Gomez was apparently affiliated with the "SuB," and his tragically dead little cousin Rayjon Gomez posed for a photo with some members of the gang.

Let me give you a little tip, boys, all the way from a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan.

Even when posing for a picture, practice "muzzle awareness" and point your weapon toward the ground. It's much safer and you can still get a bad ass photo of yourself with your weapon.

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Dale the Truck Driver said...

I don't think dud arm is making a strong case for himself to "FREE MALO".

Anonymous said...

By the way, the social media profile where this heavy fire power picture appears has "RIP Haywood" in the name of it, so there's another high profile homicide victim in this glimpse into the north mpls gang lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and bless you Johnny for bringing this other picture of alleged North side gangers to the light of day so we can all see them, know them, and pray for them. Let's pray for these young men, and the Gomez family (alleged law breakers), that their hearts soften and they choose to take a different path in life, a path of kindness, love, and respect of their fellow men as Jesus has taught us. I pray these young men come to know Jesus such as in Romans 5:6-8 "For while we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die. But God demostrates His on love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." I pray for these young men. Lets love these young men so they learn the gloriousness love amoung men instead of evil. I also pray for their victims and families of the north side, which they may have terrorized or killed. I pray for blessings on everyone in the northside that someday soon, they will be free from the terrorism by those who have been led astray. Let's love these young women and men, so that they see another lifestyle option, another and better set of values to live by other than the one they have chosen. Pray they heal and get hope for a better future and understand they can be forgiven by their fellow man if they make better choices now and be men of love instead of men of hate and detruction. Thanks again Johnny in letting us know who we can pray for this night.

Anonymous said...

Three sticc up boys are shot in an aborted holdup. While awaiting their fate to determine whether they are to go to Heaven or to Hell, they sneak out of the holding zone and arrive at the Pearly Gates where upon they are greeted by St. Peter.

“Check it out, bro,” says the lead gang banger to St. Peter. “Dis is where we belong.”

“I’m sorry,” replies St. Peter, “but I don’t see any of your names on the admittance list.”

“Say what?” says the gang banger. “Look closer and check out our rap sheet man,” demands the gang boss.

“I have,” said St. Peter. “You’ve raped, you’ve robbed, you’ve pillaged. There’s no way God would allow your kind here in heaven.”

“Bullshit,” says the gang banger. “I knows God and I’m sure that if you aksed him personally he’d see to it that we’d be welcome with open arms here in Heaven.”

“If you insist, I’ll go ask God,” replies St. Peter. “Just stay put and I’ll be right back.”

With that St. Peter knocks on God’s door and enters.

“Excuse me, Lord, but I’ve got three gang bang members waiting outside the Pearly Gates looking to get in to Heaven. They are insistent that you come down and talk to them,” said St. Peter. “Personally, there is no way their kind is welcome here in Heaven, but I told them I would at least ask you.”

“Judge no man by his outward self,” God responds. “I’ll go and see for myself whether they are worthy of life everafter here in paradise.”

With that God leaves and returns shortly thereafter.

“I went there and they were gone,” said God upon his return.

“The gang bangers were gone?” asked St. Peter.

“No, the Pearly Gates. They were gone!”

Folwell Fox said...

Obviously stolen hunting rifles.

Johnny Northside! said...

To the "religious poster" who suggests praying for these folks, etc.

Yes, I have no doubt that Malo and Dashaunta will come to know the "gloriousness love among men" in prison.

But if my blog tells you who you want to pray for, that's fine. You want to post your prayer list, that's fine. I am very glad for your thoughts and your point of view.

You love them all you want, I prefer to expose their deeds to the light of day. You play your role, and I will play mine.

Say a prayer for me while you are at it, that I don't get killed in Afghanistan.

NoMi Passenger said...

New Minneapolis Cameras Make Thugs Go Elsewhere

So I saw this headline this morning and was suprised to see the Strib use the word "thug" in the headline. But I approved, not offended. I figure if thugs didnt want to be called thugs they wouldn't tattoo b.s. like THUG LIFE across their chest. But anyways I also couldn't help but think that the public conversations we have here helps to shift and influence the mainstream media into being more real, and not white washed as you call it, John .

(Note the picture caption says the location is 34th and Oliver. Isn't that where the bored shooter lives? Wonder if it's real thuggy there? We don't have any JNS correspondants up there)

Anonymous said...

Religious poster response to Johnny: Thanks for the prayer opportunities. Yes, your blog can tell me and hopefully many others who to pray for. We all have callings to do and you are bringing alleged thugs and victims to the awareness of others in our community. This is a role that needs to be done by someone with courage in N. Mpls., such as you. (Of course there is the dilemma of innocence until proven guilty but to my understanding, the pics and information you have found and posted seem come from their own posting thus incriminating themselves.) I will keep praying for them and the victims of crime and terrorism in N. Mpls. I hope others will pray also.
I have begun praying for you as well, that you will be protected from maiming and death in Afghanistan. I frequently pray for our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that the leaders of our great country make the best decisions that follow God’s plan. I pray for the common people of Afghanistan who just want to raise their families and live out their lives in peace. I have picked up you are in the service but not yet when you are returning to Afghanistan. When are you returning to Afghanistan – assuming you are not blogging from there?
I will continue to pray for all of the above and hope others are also. There is power in prayer of one and many. I believe God will give the terrorists opportunities to turn from the dark side but they must make the choice. In all your adventures, I pray you keep safe Johnny!

NoMi Passenger said...

Religous poster, yes, John is blogging from Afghanistan. Sometimes with a little help from me, sometimes a lot of help from me, and sometimes no help from me.

Anonymous said...

Also notice the lack of trigger discipline. For shame...

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as stupid does.
MCullen NE

Anonymous said...

"Everybody else is getting it, why shouldn't I? There were a multitude of easy excuses, useful in all such cases; but the trouble was that evil can plant a seed, and the seed can grow.
From easy acceptance of a minor misdemeanor, one can come to acceptance of a minor crime, and from a minor crime to a major one...For murder breeds murder, and those who have killed once for gain, will kill gain; and those who have agreed to ignore a muder, will ignore another if it is to protect some small security of their own-property, or guilt they themselves posses." from "The High Graders" by Louis L'Amour

Rev21Cityogold said...

Thanks NoMi Passenger for the clarification. When we do not hear from Johnny for a few days, such as now, is he out on patrol or something (not knowing his exact role there). Still praying. Yes, we can pray, have faith, and still worry. We are only human packed full of feelings.
Religious Poster.

Johnny Northside! said...

I received the following comment in an email all the way from Rifle, Colorado, where my publisher Paladin Press is located:

"And keep your damn fingers off the trigger!"

Anonymous said...

I lived in N. Mpls Camden neighborhood off Dupont and Dowling for a year, and after having shootings a little too close to my home and then hearing from the children I work with about gun shots outside while they are walking home I became disheartened. This website let's you know what's happening: Don't know if it will help connect anything. But I must say you are bold for continuing your pursuits and that your digging unleashes justice that keeps the streets safe.