Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Facebook Pages Of "Bored Shooter" Malo Dashaunta Gomez, Part One Of Many...

Facebook photo with public settings, published under First Amendment criticism and commentary, blog post by John Hoff

The "bored shooter" Malo D. Gomez, 18, who fired a pistol at some police in a squad car on the streets of North Minneapolis because, he claimed, he was trying to keep himself entertained, goes by "Malo Locco Gomez" on Facebook where his profile has (at the moment) the most public of settings.

As I suspect the Minneapolis police have already been doing, I have downloaded as much information as I can about Malo and his motley crew of contacts, including his brother Dashaunta Gomez.  I will be parcelling out that info to Johnny Northside readers when I have free time, which I don't always have in Afghanistan. So feel free to explore Malo Locco Gomez on Facebook on your own.

One interesting piece of news: Ray'Jon Gomez, a 13-year-old killed in August, appears to be related to Malo Gomez.

Due to a bit of a technical glitch that I'm experiencing, it will be necessary to publish one photo with each blog post, which is going to make for a whole lot of blog posts.

This photo, above, of Malo D. Gomez, a/k/a Malo Locco Gomez, has "S.G.C. Shit" superimposed on the photo. I suspect "SGC" stands for "Shot Gun Crip." Note hand sign.

Speculation: Was Ray'Jon shot because of Malo's gang affiliation? Does this shooting finally reveal some kind of motive in the senseless killing of 13-year-old Ray'Jon Gomez?

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Dale the Truck Driver said...

Do you feel safer in Afghanistan than on the North Side?

Johnny Northside! said...

No. In North Minneapolis you don't have to worry about mortar fire or a massive truck bomb that could even knock down the mud-and-straw walls of a qalat and send those tumbling down on your little "beehive hut" like a landslide.

I feel much safer in North Minneapolis, thanks.

Ages ago I suggested we should try to recruit National Guardsmen to buy homes in North Minneapolis, especially those who are vets of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I feel, more than ever, that is a good idea.

Dale the Truck Driver said...

In my 45 years, 35 spent living in North Minneapolis, I have to agree with what I read somewhere here about corralling the thugs in NoMi. Frustrating, I owed a home in Fowell for 14 years. Before that I lived in Shingle Creek where I was born in my parents house and where my mom still lives. I got tired of the gun shots every night in Fowell. In 1987 it was a nice area, slowly it went downhill. I did like the architecture in Fowell, something you don't see in Shingle Creek.