Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Facebook Pages Of "Bored Shooter" Malo D. Gomez, Part Three...

Public Facebook picture published under First Amendment comment, criticism and sh**, blog post by John Hoff

Malo D. Gomez, the "bored shooter" who targeted two North Minneapolis police, and whose oh-so-public Facebook profile is "Malo Locco Gomez," can't quite decide how to spell the word "Loco."

"Loco" is Spanish for "crazy." Of course, "Malo" is Spanish for "bad" or "evil," depending on which verb tense is used.

In the photo above, Malo opts for the proper spelling of "Loco," which has one "c." Johnny Northside heartily approves this rare use of standardized spelling instead of "thug spelling." There is hope for this young man, yet. Hope he will become more literate in a prison setting.

Note the finger sign Malo is doing. Malo does this pose in most of his Facebook pictures. Even when Malo is pictured with his little thuggy girlfriends, THEY are doing the same sign, like a one fingered upside down gun.

One wonders where this photo was taken, what was the occasion for Malo to get dressed up like that? The block walls and control panel in the background speak to an "institutional" setting, as does the "dressed up from the waist up" look.

Some kind of sad little juvie hearing? One wonders.

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Anonymous said...

He Is Not Bad Nor Is He Evil , he's Just Another Kid We Lost To the Corruption Of The Streets && Gangs. Knowing Him Personally He Was Never Like This Until He Started Associating Himself With Thugs. Maybe If You got Your Federal Ass Off Blogging And Into Trying To Help The Youth We're Losing To Stupidity Like Gun Violence , Gangs , Drop Out Rates , STD Rates We Could Prevent This From Happening . But I Guess Keep finding New Stuff To Put People on Blast So You Can Make a Living .