Monday, September 19, 2011

The Facebook Pages Of "Bored Shooter" Malo D. Gomez, Part Four...

Photo from public Facebook profile of Malo Locco Gomez, used under First Amendment Comment and Criticism

Contributed Facebook screen shot, profile of "Malo Locco Gomez," blog post by John Hoff

Continuing with our bloggy tour through the oh-so-public Facebook pages of Malo D. Gomez, a/k/a Malo Locco Gomez, the "bored shooter" who fired his pistol at two North Minneapolis police officers just to keep himself entertained...

Here is a recent screen shot of a "jail visit pic."

The caption beneath the photo reads "free my nigga."

It is hard to tell which one is Malo, and which one is Malo's brother Dashaunta, who also goes by "Shaunta" on Facebook. It seems to me Malo is on the outside, and the other Gomez is in jail with the glass partition between them. So these clever thugs have arranged themselves to pose in a picture together without actually being able to stand next to each other. What creativity. Adapting to their environment, Darwin-style.

Did Darwin say anything about putting your Facebook settings on "private" so the police couldn't examine your whole social network while you are in jail? No, I am sure Darwin didn't address social networking sites at all.

Yes, there is a downside to Darwinism and Malo will most likely experience it after firing his pistol at those police officers just to make his day a little more exciting.

Don't even get me going on that whole "opportunity to mate" thing and how it's going to apply to Malo in prison.

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