Thursday, January 10, 2013

Criminal Complaint Reveals Details About "Brand New Year Murder" At 2907 Russell Ave. N.

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Details about what happened, allegedly, in the first murder of 2013 have now been revealed in a criminal complaint, click here for copy. 

According to prosecutors, Minneapolis police were called to 2907 Russell Ave. N. a little after 3 o'clock in the morning in response to a stabbing. They found the victim (not named in the complaint but known to be Ever R. Gonzales-Canales) "in a back room of the residence off the kitchen." The victim had what the complaint dryly calls "obvious stabbing injuries" and was unresponsive...

Another male, Mauricio Antonio Orochero, was in the kitchen. The owner of the house, known to be Manuel Moreno and identified as "MM" in the complaint, said the roommates in the house were celebrating and drinking late into the night because it was Moreno's birthday. The victim and the suspect shook hands and then got into an argument.

Yes, this is odd. What was the argument after the handshaking about?

"You shook my hand too hard?"

Anyway, there was a fight in the living room but the owner got everything calmed down between the two men. The victim went into a back room but then Moreno saw Orochero go into the kitchen and arm himself with a knife. Orochero "pushed his way into the back room" and attacked Gonzales-Canales with a knife. At this point, Merono thought it was a good idea to leave the room and call police.

Another witness to the fight was a roommate with the initials SSA. The witness reportedly heard Orochero say "I kill this guy."

Broken English, yes, but clear intent.

The knife used was a Gerber folding knife, a "tactical weapon" often used by police officers. In fact, some people (I am one of them) are of the opinion that Gerber makes the finest quality knives in the world.

Medical examination determined the victim died of stab wounds to the chest. 

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