Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Demetrius Patterson Shot At Pizza Man, Allegedly, AND THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS!!!!

Creative stock photo entitled "Nastee Bulletses, Precious" contributed by
an army buddy who served in Afghanistan with me, blog post by John Hoff

When I first read about Demetrius Patterson, who allegedly shot at a pizza man in North Minneapolis because the pizza was too small, I had one urgent and pressing question:

Who is delivering pizza in North Minneapolis? And do they have any specials tonight? And how about a 2 liter bottle of Dr. Pepper?

So I obtained a copy of the criminal complaint...

...but I was very disappointed to discover this one pertinent piece of info was missing.

Damn it, Hennepin County prosecutor! Normally, I appreciate your pithy, right-to-the-legal-point, just the facts ma'am style of writing, but this time you've really left me hanging.

Anyway, click here for a copy of the criminal complaint.

Patterson is from the mean streets of Chicago (7232 South Union) where, I assume, pizza delivery people don't put up a fight and firing shots doesn't automatically trigger such an effective police response. That's the only way I can explain his (alleged) behavior besides being, possibly, high on crack.

Police found Patterson inside 2107 Russell Ave. N., which appears to be a duplex with a master address of 2105 Russell Ave. N. The property is owned by Terry Torrence of Maple Grove. (The city's abysmal property website lists Terry with a middle initial of "N" and "K" on the same page and lists no sales history at all) A taxpayer named Kristina Fix-Torrence is also listed. Their Maple Grove address is 11757 Red Fox Drive.

Interestingly, two construction companies are listed at 2105 Russell Ave. N., which are Unidos Construction LLC and Gaoba Construction, LLC.

Unidos Construction, LLC was created in June of 2010 but was administratively terminated August 3, 2012. No registered agent was listed.

Gaoba Construction, LLC was created January 3, 2012 and remains in good standing, though this entity was due to file for renewal on December 31 of last year and I don't see any evidence they actually did the filing. Their registered agent is Mario Cercas Lopez. His name turns up in association with somebody named Rafael Lopez Hernandez at 1103 E. Magnolia Ave., St. Paul. 

Hmmm. Two CONSTRUCTION companies? Headquartered at a rental unit where some idiot from Chicago shoots at the pizza delivery guy?

Something smells odd, here. 


Anonymous said...

My Pizza is NEVER big enough!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like shills created to get local minority contracting jobs using federally earmarked construction funds for an established contractor.

Maybe the IRS could shed some light on this? Might even be a reward!

Anonymous said...

More suburban slumlords making vacancies for out of town trash and no accountability.

Anonymous said...

Big Sausage Pizza!! lol