Sunday, January 6, 2013

Murder Victim Lolitta Marie Malone Was Convicted And Served Time For Child Neglect...

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Lolitta M. Malone shared a home with Henry Love at 2311 Queen Ave. N. and was stabbed to death at that location, the crime still unsolved.

Digging through Malone's rap sheet in search of clues about how she lived, one finds a sad and rough life...

In 1997 she was charged with tampering with a motor vehicle and possession of possession of drug paraphernalia. The tampering charge was dismissed and she pled to the paraphernalia charge, being fined $25. Her public defender (I'm sure many would love to know!) was Joelle Lynn Sather.

Malone was twice convicted of disorderly conduct, once in 2000 and once in 2009. The 2009 charge represents her last conviction before the murder, though there was one other serious charge back in 2002.

Malone was charged with felony level child neglect and pleaded guilty. It appears she had a two year sentence hanging over her head at the Shakopee women's prison, but the sentence was stayed for 5 years. Apparently she served at least 173 days in jail, for which she was credited. I am not sure how to read part of the court record but it seems to imply she served 365 days in the workhouse with credit for 173 days. In any case, she served AT LEAST 173 days in jail.

Also, she was on probation from April 19, 2002 to April 19, 2005.

Unknown if these old convictions provide any sort of clue, but I'll tell you what...

If somebody neglected my child so severely it amounted to a felony, I'd be inclined to keep a grudge. 


Anonymous said...

Jeff Stand has always been this big DFLer and posts about Northside and societal issues - all the while being the one person sitting atop the Slumlord pipeline to North MInneapolis. I've slowly begun to realize that the tax forfeit properties that are not picked up by non profits all go to slum lord hands. I delved deeper and the deeper you get, the more true it becomes. The names are all Khan, Reitman, etc. But even stranger is there is one figure sitting atop all of this process allowing it to happen. And he is a Northsider and *supposedly* concerned about Northside issues. But I believe his desire for a government job and paycheck outweighs his responsibility to his community. Dig into it. There is a lot to be explored. The Northside's #1 responsibility should be to reform this system.

Johnny Northside! said...

Star Tribune says..
Charges were filed Thursday in the case of a woman who was stabbed to death in Minneapolis last month.

Honora Patterson, 30, of Minneapolis, was charged with second-degree murder and was being held in jail on a $1 million bail. Before the murder charges, he had been arrested for failing to register as a predatory offender.

According to a court document, Patterson killed Lolitta Malone, 43, killed because he claimed she stole money from him. Her clothing was soaked with gasoline when police discovered her body in the bedroom of her duplex on the 2300 block of Queen Avenue N. on Dec. 27. A red container for gasoline was found near her body.

A witness identified Patterson's vehicle and another witness saw him at Malone's duplex Dec. 26, the night she was killed. Patterson was described as a "daily guest" of Malone.

A third witness told investigators that they received calls and text messages from Patterson implicating himself to the crime, the court document said.

The witness also received information from him indicating where he left clothing he wore the night Malone died. A DNA test confirmed the clothes belonged to Patterson.

Malone, who was from Indiana, had lived in north Minneapolis for many years.