Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mpls Mirror Denounces Former Friends And/Or Allies, Disappears Into A Dark Hole Of Its Own Self-Created Loony Misery...

Photo by John Hoff, Al Flowers and the Mpls Mirror Lady, blog post by John Hoff

Normally, I ignore the Mpls Mirror, which is Terry Yzaguirre's attempt at blogging gloriously free of the conventional constraints of proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Yes, I'm quite aware the Mirror doesn't like me very much, and the feeling is mutual. So I don't comment on The Cracked Mirror or mention The Cracked Mirror except, for example, when writing about criminal charges leveled against Terry's children or the crazy lawsuits the Yzaguirre family has filed in the court with the help of troubled attorney Jill Clark.

(Want to file a CRAZY lawsuit? Get a CRAZY lawyer. Wouldn't that make a great advertisement on the back of a phonebook?)

But every now and then I do check the Mpls Mirror because, who knows? Maybe a stray nugget of info will turn up about Jill Clark and it will prove to be a lead to information when I write Part Fifty-Six Or Whatever It Is of The Madness of Jill Clark.

So at about 2 in the morning, I checked the Mirror. The latest article on the Mirror referred me to Terry's other blog, Unconventional Grandma.

Wow. Turns out I am still capable of being surprised by that category of people some of us just refer to as "The Crazies"...

In a blog post dated January 1, Terry Yzaguirre (we call her "The Yaz") writes that she's had some "life changing issues" that have needed her attention but promises "The Minneapolis Mirror Has Not Gone Anywhere."

(Yes, I could definitely agree with that statement, though not the way it's intended. As for what the life changing issues are, word is these are health issues)

Then, in an editorial written later that same day, "No Hope For The Black Community Until We Get New Leaders, Politicians and Media" Terry Yzaguirre (who is not black, but used the word "We" as though she is) urges readers to check out an editorial at her other blog, Unconventional Grandma.

There, in an editorial directed at (it would appear) the cold, cruel universe, Terry Yzaguirre takes potshots at individuals she herself admits she once admired, specifically Revered McAfee and activist Al Flowers. She also takes an implied potshot at Don Allen of IBNN, with whom Yzaguirre was once so close she was apparently invited to Allen's wedding to Enid Logan Allen.

My goodness, has Yzaguirre woken up to the fact Don Allen is a flim-flam artist? Maybe so!

Besides so-called media Don Allen, singled out for mention and criticism is Insight News, the Spokesman Recorder, and KMOJ.

Wow, Terry! Do you have a single friend left in the world? I mean, not including Level Three Sex Offender Peter Rickmyer, who you once defended in an editorial.

The following sentence contains pure speculation: Once whatever morphine-based pain killer Terry is using wears off and she comes to her senses, she might take down that editorial so, if her car breaks down, she might have one non-family member left in the world who will give her roadside assistance late at night. For that reason, I want to preserve key portions of the editorial in this blog posting, as follows.

(Glaring writing mistakes are exactly as found in the original)

On the other hand considering who was putting this event on, like me, maybe they are tired of the dog and pony show that these ineffective poverty pimps display.  What difference have any of these black preachers or activist really made over the past 20 years?  In fact, I believe the black community is worse off now then they have ever been. Unlike the days when I would refer to Rev. McAfee and Al Flowers as Rebel Rousers out in the mix stirring up trouble taking over any press conference Mayor Rybak or Don Samuels was present at, now they have become the latest house Negro’s  with McAfee publicly apologizing to Don Samuels at a public forum and Al Flowers thanking the Mayor for everything he has done at a NCTC meeting.  It is amazing how the wonders of a tornado and a little money thrown at a table could get the new version of plantation owners with that being our politicians to get those pesky field hands into place.  It is no wonder the black community what’s left of them in Minneapolis is fucked.
Where was the black media on this day that claims to be a voice for the community such as Insight news, Spokesman Recorder, KMOJ who was a sponsor to the event, and IBNN News.  Most of White stream media was present with there white reporters and white camera men giving a story that was meant to fool all of us, and yet not a one published or showed the names of the victims for the purpose the event was given.  
JNS blog says: "Rebel Rouser?" Are you SERIOUS? The phrase you are seeking is "rabble-rouser" and there's no need for capitalization. 
On the bright side, Terry, you really know how to spell "fucked."
Here is more: 

This is worse then when we use our children to hustle more money from government to fund education or jobs for our youth, and yet they are still under educated, and jobs non-existence.   These preachers and activists are doing the devils work as they pray on the most vulnerable people next to our children, and the media feeds into this sickness.
 Al Flowers worked the pews during the memorial service as though he was on a mission for his next event that very few people show up for.  I say this tongue and cheek as, I have witnessed Al many times standing outside the church doors out on the sidewalk  of young victims funeral passing out flyers for his next round of bullshit he promotes, and then quickly disappears when his hands are empty.  I guess this is what he calls true caring for the deceased, and those in attendance paying there last respects. If he did this at a funeral of a person that was close to me, I would have him removed as it is the most disrespectful thing a person could do.  Self promote ones self at the cost of another human beings life.
Where exactly is Rev. Staten’s Operation Resurrection located that deals with grief and trauma that he spoke about and is listed in the program?  A program that also has Operation Resurrection as one of the sponsors.   There is no website.  The only thing I was able to find was how his wife who worked for  Department of Human Service approved a $50,000 contract for Operation Resurrection without revealing the conflict of interest that it was her husband Randolph Staten’s program.

JNS blog says: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TERRY, LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "THAN" AND "THEN." Third graders successfully learn this kind of thing DAILY, and that includes those who don't speak English as a first language. 

In regard to the substance of your editorial, however....

Wow, Terry, this late in the game YOU ARE JUST STARTING TO FIGURE OUT that tragedy in the Minneapolis black community is often used for dubious fund raising efforts for scammy-appearing organizations? 

Good for you, Terry, but don't be looking for a guest author spot on my blog anytime soon. First of all, the ability to communicate in writing at the level of a reasonably bright 8th Grader is mandatory, and secondly this is clearly a case of "too soon old, too late smart." 

Oh, here's more Terry wrote about Revered Staten and Reverend McAfee:

How can a man that I have never seen in the streets, talk about a program that has such controversy behind it. I can not find any data to support this agency.  How does he have the nerve to sucker people into believing that he gives a shit with nothing to support anything beyond his words?  How much money should one invest in this program or does he think he is owed to help?  We wonder why the real black community is so defensive in not trusting anyone while they do the best they can to protect themselves just to survive in a city that wants them gone.
While Staten and McAfee have the audacity to speak on healing when a murder occurs within the community, how can they look at themselves in the mirror every morning and utter these words let alone put something in print.
 What could be the hardest struggle of losing a loved one to violence then figuring out how to give them a proper burial.  Why was Helen Williams not invited to this service to speak?  Williams is the one that fights to get the money to help bury these victims that were spoken about. McAfee and Staten do not seem to concern themselves to such trivial details or reach into there pockets to ease this healing process that weighs a family down. If they truly practiced what they preached Ms. Williams would not have had to gone to the media searching for help to bury 22 year old Gianni Gossitt almost a month after he had been murdered.

JNS Blog says: Oh, wait, here's my favorite part:

Why would McAfee use a little 10 year old girl whose father was murdered get up and speak, only for the poor little thing to break down and cry, while the news camera’s zoomed in on this child’s raw emotional heartbreak airing this for all to see on TV.  Again, this is preying on the vulnerable using it as an example of what there goal is in the message healing.  How low will these people stoop in the name of caring?
JNS Blog says: Why indeed? But the question I really care about is why this sudden round of denunciations against, for example, Al Flowers? Look at the photo at the top of this blog post showing Terry Yzaguirre meeting Al Flowers. 

I once suggested a funny caption for that photo, as follows:

"Oh, Mr. Flowers! Give me your gritty wisdom of the streets! Cleanse me from my left-of-liberal guilt! I'M NOT WORTHY! I'M NOT WORTHY!"

Bottom line? The official on-line publication of "Crazy Town" has denounced former friends and allies, and disappeared into a dark hole of its own self-created loony misery. This can only bode well for the clear-eyed, rational, and overwhelmingly positive North Minneapolis neighborhood revitalization movement. 


Anonymous said...

Please Google: George Schuyler if you want to educate yourself.
"Practically all of the incompetents and undesirables who have been barred from other walks of life have rushed into the ministry for the exploitation of the people...almost any body of the lowest type may go into the Negro ministry".
He was a prominent conservative African-American scholar among many other things. " On the horizon loom a growing number of iconoclasts and Atheists ,young black men and women who can ask questions, and who impertinently demand to know why Negroes should revere a God who permits them to be lynched and jim-crowed and disenfranchised" Remember that this was in the vocabulary context of the day.

Johnny Northside said...

After some thought, a comment was rejected that was sexual in nature. I'm not sure who the comment was directed toward. The comment was "right on the line" of what I will accept or reject but, after being lobbied by one of my regular readers, I rejected the comment after briefly approving it.

To the commenter, please make some kind of relevant comment and make it clear who you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Good lord. I thought by reading your headline that she'd finally gotten an ounce of sense and started to realize how worthless, crazy and destructive people like McAfee, Flowers, Staten, McFarlen etc were... but instead she has moved those assholes closer to positive leaders like Rybak and Samuels and she has moved herself farther out into loo-loo loony crazy land. Uh. How is that even possible?

Anonymous said...

Hey John,
What event is she referencing where they had a 10 yr old girl speak about her murdered father?

Johnny Northside! said...

This event.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is the article, since Strib links have an annoying habit of going dead.
It was like some sort of exclusive club. But instead of a secret handshake or special-code word, members gave one another hugs, knowing nods and reassuring pats on the back.

On Saturday afternoon, Twin Cities residents who have shared the incomprehensible pain of losing loved ones to violence came together at a north Minneapolis church for a community service that was one part mass memorial and another part therapy session.

One of the first to speak was 10-year-old Alaja Miller, whose father, Kristopher Miller, a popular North High School staffer, was shot and killed last year in a crime fueled by another man's jealousy.

"That was the worst day of my life," Alaja told the crowd of more than 100, before she could no longer hold back her tears and her grandmother had to finish her speech.

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Little Alaja was preaching to the choir. Many who attended the service at New Salem Missionary Baptist Church had suffered similar heart-wrenching experiences.

For a year, Marsha Mayes has missed seeing the smile of her 3-year-old son, Terrell, who died last December after a stray bullet went through the wall of his north Minneapolis home and struck him in the head.

Mayes and her three remaining children no longer live in the same house, but she still walks the block on a regular basis. "If I don't let them see my face, then they will forget," she said.

After witnessing the outpouring of support for those affected by the recent school shooting in Newtown, Conn., the Rev. Jerry McAfee said he decided that residents need to remember that there are people locally like Alaja and Mayes who are still dealing with the impacts of violence and need compassion.

"That's the message -- 'We haven't forgotten you,'" McAfee said, when asked about the purpose of this weekend's event.

At one point during the service, candles were lighted as a long list of names of those who have been murdered in the Twin Cities over the past five years was read.

Help with healing

Besides keeping the memory of those gone alive, a big component of Saturday's service was providing resources for those left behind on how to deal with their grief.

"When homicides happen in our community, our people rarely get the services they need. ... Trauma untreated turns into more trauma," McAfee said.

Information about the stages of grief and grief support guidelines were provided to program attendees.

"We have people today that are still suffering even though their loved ones passed years and years ago," said the Rev. Randolph Staten, who presented information about grief and trauma.

People should try to address their grief to help stop the cycle of violence, Staten said.

There to give advice to those who had recently lost someone were others who had to deal with the pain of violence years ago.

Mary Johnson's son was killed by a teenager back in 1993. It took more than a decade for Johnson to forgive her son's killer and to let go of all of her pent-up hate.

Lack of forgiveness "is like cancer," she said.

Johnson now works with the man who took her son's life to spread their story of healing and reconciliation in her From Death to Life organization.

According to preliminary statistics, violent crime, which includes homicides, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults, increased in Minneapolis in 2012 compared with the year before, when violent crimes dropped to their lowest level since 1983.

For more information about grief counseling or to get training to become a grief counselor, call Staten at 612-388-3388. For mothers who have lost a child to murder or for mothers whose children are in prison for murder, information about healing groups can be obtained by calling St. Jane House at 612-521-9282.

Nicole Norfleet

Johnny Northside! said...

So it appears the 10-year-old girl being referenced was Alaja Miller.

Anonymous said...

"Even a blind pig finds a truffle now and then."

Anonymous said...

Well, this explains all the religion-laced commentary that litter the JNS roll call of the dead. The "don't judge", "we're all sinners", "smh", whatnot people are fed by their own criminal clergy every Sunday during the brainwashing, I mean service.
Don't judge when the drug dealer shoots a child, don't judge when a druggie beats his girlfriend, and certainly DON'T JUDGE when all the non-profit money and donations sent to help the children and down and out in North disappears into the ministers' and flunky neighborhood leaders pockets. Just when you think people in North have it bad enough you learn it's even worse.

Anonymous said...

I am finding comfort in knowing that it really is the TRUTH, that will set you, johnny northside, free.
For the hour of your judgement is near.

Anonymous said...

Right on to 6:44am and 10:00pm.When Jesus Christ came to earth you killed him, the son of your own God, you nailed him up!You thought he was dead but you were mistaken. And only after you thought you killed him did you worship him and start killing those who did not worship him. What kind of people are these to be trusted? Fools fall fucking flat.

Anonymous said...

I think the intent of the service was awesome but they got the wrong people to run it. One thing I hate is how people talk about the "leaders" of the African American community and how they will/will not help the community. Well guess what, I've been a member of the African American community in the Twin Cities for 34 years and I've never heard of these people! We need to stop allowing people to self appoint their "leadership" positions especially if they have not proved themselves worthy of the title.

Anonymous said...

I ran across this interesting event on McAfee's church web site under events

Celebrating Reverend Jerry McAfee’s 55th Birthday
“Birthday Blackout”
Friday, January 25, 2013
DJ Tony
Band: New Experience
Tickets: $50/person
Edinburgh Golf Course
8700 Edinbrook Crossing
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
Black Formal Attire Only
For Tickets, contact:

Gee, I hope it wasn't supposed to be a surprise. I don't ever remember having to pay to wish my pastor Happy Birthday. Do you suppose one is still expected to bring him a gift. By the way, why is it way out in Brooklyn Park. Oh, silly me. That's where he lives. Happy Birthday, Rev.

Anonymous said...

Reverend McAfee's "Happy Birthday To ME" party is at a golf course out in the suburbs. Go back to top. People need to be honest with themselve's and beat the hell out of these charlatans.6:44am is my hero.
My black brothers and sisters need to rise up and denounce these parasitical,conniving cocksuckers and buy them a room at the Roach Motel.

Johnny Northside! said...

Your comment is posted but I do not approve of your suggestion (which I assume is somewhat joking) of violence directed at these "charlatans."

Anonymous said...

How about a fund and a number for all of the people who have been robbed or killed by all of the scum while they are not killing each other? How about Reverend Mc"Fifty fee" throw a party for all of the people that have been slaughtered by the "Poor" youth of north minneapolis?
How about taking responsibility for your community and quit blaming other people? How about "REV" McFifty fee quit ripping off his community along with allen,flowers,staten and all of the other ex-cons? How about it!!!!