Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sex Offender Peter Rickmyer Files Yet Another Odd And Confusing Document In Federal Court, Ho Hum...

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blog post by John Hoff

Level Three Sex Offender Peter Richard Stephenson, who goes by the name "Peter Rickmyer," continues to make filings in the case of Wells Fargo, NA vs. Jill Clark, a case which is currently in federal court.

Peter's latest filing, click here for PDF copy, is bizarre and confusing in a number of ways.

Let me count the ways...

Jill Clark is Peter's attorney of record. So why is Peter filing things?

Oh, because she's on "medical leave?" (Cough cough, losing her mind, disciplinary proceedings up to her ass like angry alligators)

Fair enough. But how on earth is Rickmyer involved in a lawsuit by Jill's bank against Jill?

Furthermore, what did Pete file? Well, it appears to be a "cease and desist notice" against the Jordan Area Community Council for (what is this?) some crap about how they allegedly don't have proper handicapped access at 2539 Irving Ave. N.? That would be the property which JACC rents to (oh, dear god!) Hennepin County? And the DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS uses the property? This is the same Department of Corrections that supposedly holds the other end of Peter's sex-offender leash, if the DOC would ever screw their head on straight and reel him in.

And this handicapped access at 2539 Irving Ave. N. involves Peter HOW? Is Peter in a wheelchair? Does he use crutches? Is he blind? Is he deaf? Does he have a mental condition where his "Little Peter" takes over the thinking process for "Big Peter" and makes Peter hate himself for all the trouble that "Little Peter" gets into?

OK, Peter probably wins on that last one, but I don't see where it actually falls under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). And, of course, there's the bigger question of WHAT ON EARTH DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH the case of Wells Fargo v. Jill Clark?

Even more odd, Peter says he's a "plaintiff" in the "above named caption."

Oh, really? So Peter is on the same team as Wells Fargo NA? Because Wells Fargo would be the PLAINTIFF in this action.

The one thing that's NOT confusing is why Peter is in federal court. Apparently, it's because he's a Rule 9 frivolous litigant in Hennepin County District Court and not allowed to file things there. But obviously the federal system is not the same thing. I'm sure James Madison never expected THIS result when he was thinking up our federalist system.

On January 11th Peter will face my attorney, Paul Godfread, a few other attorneys, and the almighty federal court which, I expect, will be wearing a very serious frowny face. (Or should that be "honorable" frowny face?)

Peter already has a $20,000 judgment against him from one former defendant in the lawsuit, Michael "Kip" Browne. This judgment doesn't seem to have cooled Peter Rickmyer's jets even a little bit. Peter's determination to keep filing garbage in federal court is like a slow motion car accident and who can stop watching? Not Johnny Northside, that's for sure!

Stay tuned for all the horrid details. 

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Johnny Northside! said...

Peter's date with destiny in the federal court is January 11, not January 10. Thanks to an alert reader for catching that so I can make a correction.