Monday, January 14, 2013

Police Were Called About A Person With A Gun, And The Person Was Thomas Lewis Bell, Allegedly...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

In early August of last year, police were called about a man with a gun who was hanging around at 4th Street and 2nd Avenue. When police showed, the man (later identified as Thomas Lewis Bell) tried to walk away and ditch the gun in a bush. Police recovered the weapon, however, a .357 magnum revolver.

Click here for the criminal complaint. Click here for previous "jail roster nuggets" coverage of Thomas Bell's arrest. 

It is unknown where Thomas Bell lives because (according to the jail roster) he refused to give an address.


Here's how I look at the issue of somebody refusing to give their address when booked into the jail. That's just a cry for attention from the blogosphere. And, of course, I already mentioned him in "jail house roster nuggets."

Well, now I have the criminal complaint in my hands. So Thomas (so desperate for attention) gets a little mention AGAIN.

And all because he refused to give his address to jail personnel.

(Shaking my head)

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