Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Alleged Child Molester Known As "The Chapo" Reportedly Did His Thing On Garage Rooftop, After Watching Fourth Of July Fireworks...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Normally, when I write about criminal complaints, I use the word "allegedly" with an invisible eye roll. Often the evidence of criminal wrongdoing is overwhelming and saying "allegedly" is more an act of ritual than a statement of substance.

But in this case, THIS PARTICULARLY HORRIBLE CASE, I want to emphasize there is no confession and there is no physical evidence that a guy known as "The Chapo" molested a 12-year-old girl while on the rooftop of a garage watching fireworks on the Fourth of July.

The alleged incident took place at 3618 Girard Ave. N., which is a...

...homesteaded property. A 12-year-old girl was in Minneapolis visiting relatives, at least one of which was her uncle, known as "The Chapo." His actual name can be found in a criminal complaint linked here. Due to the minimal evidence in this case, I am not publishing his name. I'd be glad to publish it if he were found guilty.

"The Chapo" is 23 years old. On the Fourth of July, the victim, The Chapo and other family members watched fireworks on the roof of a garage. Afterward, the victim was left with The Chapo, and (allegedly) bad things happened. The victim was reportedly threatened and told to keep silent, but she spoke up around August 13.

As much as I've pointed out there's little evidence in this case ("The Chapo" has only admitted he was on top of the garage alone with his niece, hardly a crime) it would be easier to believe "The Chapo" if he didn't habitually use an alias and if he didn't have criminal convictions for driving without a license, theft of moveable property, disorderly conduct, domestic assault, (intentionally inflicting bodily harm) and twice violating orders to stay out of contact with his victims. In fact, The Chapo is on probation until mid-May of 2014.

I guess it's easy to believe that, being a dirt bag, The Chapo did this dirt bag thing. That's the way I'm leaning. But it's a close case. And it's a rare and very cold day SOMEWHERE when I won't print the name associated with a criminal allegation. But guess what? It's a VERY cold day and The Chapo just caught a tiny break.

Moral of the story? Dirt bags shouldn't hang out alone with 12-year-old females, even if the 12-year-old happens to be their blood relative. 


Anonymous said...

If convicted, we need some way to get him out of the neighborhood. Being the house is owner occupied, that may be difficult. If we can pull the license on rentals, we should be able to pull the certificate of occupancy on homesteads.

Anonymous said...

Are you ever gone stop bully-blogging? I find it funny, your no better than anyone you have posted up on this shit!!! Get a life or a youtube channel, and become a bootleg news anchor or weatherman because your blogging really sucks ass.

Johnny Northside! said...

That's just not going to happen. I mean, HELLO, we have a Level Three Sex Offender who owns his own house. You really think we can tell people, "You're not allowed to own a house because you've been convicted of a crime"?

miss007 said...

hey JN!,

doing background checks on an individual and wondered if you could recommend a good site for personal records. already familiar with mncourtrecords.gov but wondered if you approved of courtrecords.org or know of other reputable sources for free or fee? looking for properties, crimes, bankruptcy data, et al.

miss007 (emphasis on 007, hehe)

Anonymous said...

Anony 4:48, really? There is a stark difference between reporting on incidents and, dare I call them, "people" of interest in North and behaving in the same manner of those people or incidents being reported on even if JNS is a borderline bully or sometimes a prick.

Anonymous said...

Pete, you need to come out from behind the chomo 4:48 curtain because i can see you literally spitting the shit out of your mouth as you comment. Anyhow, whose computer are you using?