Friday, January 18, 2013

Police Smelled Marijuana, Then Two Weapons Turned Up...

Creative stock photo by Alex Hoff, taken of a burning truck
during Alex and Dad's Incredible Post-Afghanistan summer
road trip, blog post by John Hoff (Dad)

According to a criminal complaint about an incident that happened on January 8, when Minneapolis police stopped a vehicle at 24th St. and Chicago Ave. S., they could smell marijuana. When the passengers of the vehicle were told to exit, two of the passengers had guns...

One of the passengers was Abdullah Awil, DOB 1/1/93, and the other was Abshir Abduhlkadir Ali. The first guy, Awil, also goes by Abdullah Ibrahim Saleh.

According to the complaint, Awil had a pistol in his right coat pocket, and reached for it despite the instructions of officers to keep hands up. The other guy, Abshir Ali, had a black semi-automatic handgun fall from his pants leg.

Neither individual was allowed to have a gun, both being convicted of crimes that made them ineligible to possess weapons.

Awil's home address is reportedly 3755 Russell Ave. N., a property homestead by somebody named Fadumo Jama. Both Jama and "Said Awil" are listed as taxpayers.

Riddle me this. Why would anybody smoke weed in their vehicle? EVER?

Sooner or later, police are going to pull you over for SOMETHING. And when they do, they're going to smell the weed. And when they smell the weed, police are going to turn that car and everybody in it upside down and inside out, like weed-seeking predator drones.

So why would anybody smoke dope in their car, let alone smoke dope in the car and ride around with GUNS they aren't allowed to POSSESS?

Evidence that smoking weed makes you stupid. Exhibit A. 


Anonymous said...

I think you meant Predator drones, but considering its weed, maybe predator jones works too. Man, I am predator jonesin' some right now.

Anonymous said...

If the police would bother investigating those cars that park on the street with the music blaring they could stir up a lot more similar arrests.

Johnny Northside! said...

I did mean "predator drones" not "predator jones." I have made the correction of this typo. Thank you for catching that and drawing it to my attention.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a play on words!

Anonymous said...

Better form for them, at least contribute to the Police Athletic League, to get a PAL bumper sticker.

Or buy a used car from a Blue Knights member if he agrees to not scrape the rear window sticker.

Some things help.

Anonymous said...

Oh, look!

Another out of the area arrest of North Minneapolis thugs demonstrating the same behaviors we let them get away with in our community.

Seems to be a common thread here.

Anonymous said...

Gee, 1:11, i thought there was some kind of invisible force field keeping them in North Minneapolis so they could only do their dirt here. I don't know whom "WE" is, but i have my subtle ways of not "letting" people run roughshod on my block. Mr. Smith and Mr Wesson are merely backups.

Anonymous said...

Smoking weed is good for u now smoking crack n.making stupid ass blogs is dumb
Word of advice find ur white nosy ass another hobby and for ur cock sucking fans tell them ms Northside said go to the store purchase a rope n hang they self now yall stop dick riding

Anonymous said...

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