Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Conviction In "Cosmic Meat Raffle Murder" Of Daron Bolden...

Photo (Bryan wins the meat raffle) and blog post by John Hoff

Daron Bolden died in the backyard of a residence where the poet Bryan Thao Worra (on the right) once resided, see previous blog article. 

There is no other connection between the two men, except that Worra was once the winner of a meat raffle and Bolden lost the biggest meat raffle of them all.

A day or two ago, the prosecutor's office announced a conviction in the murder of Daron Bolden and WCCO picked up the story. The circumstances described in the criminal complaint (click here) show just how truly random this murder was...

Bolden had been "hanging out" with his cousins and walking from 26th Ave. N. from Emerson to Dupont. The cousins said they saw another guy known as "Bay Bay" multiple times during all of this "hanging out."

(Judgmental eye rolling by Johnny Northside)

Bay Bay approached with another guy named Will and asked Bolden if Bolden had any marijuana. Then Bay Bay pulled out a gun and pointed it at Bolden's head. When Bolden tried to knock the gun away, Bay Bay shot Bolden.

So the drug territory in question rightfully belongs to Bay Bay and his heirs, right? I'm just saying.

Bay Bay is the alias of Bryant Deshawn Elliott, who pleaded guilty to second degree murder and will be sentenced on February 6. The prosecutor will be asking for a sentence of more than 27 years in prison. All this according to a press release by the prosecutor.

Elliott's last home address was 5223 Girard Ave. N., a homestead owned by a woman with the same surname as Elliott.


Anonymous said...

I want these guys in my office Thursday for a drug test!!

Anonymous said...

Bay-Bay is going to get doinked by Ray-Ray who is Gay-Gay looking for boody every Day-Day with Tay-Tay and May-May i Say-Say.

Johnny Northside! said...

It came to my attention today that I had misspelled the last name "Elliott" as "Elliot." I have corrected that error as of today.

See tie-ins between this story and the Mall of America attack on mayoral candidate Mark Andrew.