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Malik El-Amin Charged With Two Armed Robberies And A High Speed Chase In March, But Let Loose To Shoot A Man At Pizza Luce In June, ALLEGEDLY...

Stock photo, vehicle accident in North Minneapolis
in winter, this is not the incident described in story

According to three, count 'em, THREE criminal complaints filed against Malik El-Amin, DOB 4/27/93, this man went on a robbery spree in March which ended after a high speed chase. But, incredibly, he was out on the streets in June when he is accused of shooting a man at the Pizza Luce in downtown Minneapolis.

(In keeping with JNS blog policy about hyphenated surnames, this no-account will henceforth be referred to as "Elamin")

On March 22, 2013, according to the first criminal complaint, click here, Elamin walked into MGM Liquor Warehouse at 7704 Olson Memorial Highway and robbed the store at gunpoint. He left with $1,849.63 in a Wells Fargo bank bag, which was described as being made of...

..."black pleather."

Wow, that's so cool. I'm definitely seeing a positive trend in these criminal complaints of more expressive writing. Keep it up, Hennepin County Prosecutors.

The bank bag was that night's deposit. He also got away (oh, ALLEGEDLY) with some cash from the register. The robbery was captured on video and part of Malik Elamin's face was captured by the video. Normally, that kind of thing would be a key piece of evidence but as it turns out, there was a high speed chase and Elamin was captured after bailing from his crashed vehicle and running. The bank bag was in his car. He also had a loaded Glock .40 caliber, serial number TFA504.

As for the chase, it went like this: Police pulled the car over at Highway 55 and Penn. They ordered the defendant to turn off his vehicle, which is always a sign of the police thinking you may have really, really done something. Instead of doing what he was ordered to do, Elamin sped away, "squealing his tires as he pulled out." He went northbound on Morgan Ave. N., which is a southbound one way, reaching speeds of 60 to 70 mph. He didn't stop for a sign on Broadway and attempted a sharp left turn, but went over the median separating east and westbound lanes, crossed the westbound lane of traffic, and crashed into a light pole.

Down came the light pole. Malik's car was no longer operational, so he fled on foot. He dropped what appeared to be a black jacket. After a "lengthy foot chase," Malik slipped on some ice and fell in front of officers. Even at that point, he kept resisting arrest, trying to keep his hands beneath him. As officers were trying to gain control of his hands, they asked (no doubt quite loudly and with some emphasis) what had Malik done with the gun?

"I threw it," Malik answered.

Like a scene from a Hollywood movie, officers found cash scattered outside the door, with a stack of cash, gun and bank bag in the center console.

Well. As though all THAT wasn't bad enough...

Police have linked Elamin to another robbery committed the same day. Click here for Malik's SECOND criminal complaint. 

Oh, yes. It was about 8:30 a.m. that day when Malik allegedly walked into the Pump 'N' Munch gas station at 400 46th St. E., pulled out a gun, and robbed the store. He was wearing a hoodie with the hood up over his head. Malik waited until other customers had left, walked up to ask for a single Swisher Sweet cigar, then pulled out his gun at the moment the clerk was handing him the cigar.

Witnesses saw an "older, green Toyota" being driven by the suspect and, once again, the robbery was captured on video and Malik's face was visible.

Considering all the bad things this man did, allegedly, you would think he'd be sitting in jail awaiting trial on those charges, right? You would think bail would be really, really high and it would be difficult for him to be back on the streets, right?

Well, this month Malik was out on the streets. I assume he was awaiting charges on the two robberies and the high speed chase. But, in the meantime, Malik was just enjoying a pizza downtown at Pizza Luce when a friend (apparently) of Malik got into a fistfight with another man. So Malik shot the dude who was fighting with his friend.

Click here for Malik's THIRD criminal complaint.

According to the complaint, on June 9 at 1:23 in the morning, officers responded to an incident at Pizza Luce. The incident was captured on surveillance video which "clearly shows the face of the shooter." According to the video and to eyewitnesses, a guy whose initials are N.M. was in a fistfight with another adult male when "a shot rang out." A suspect later determined to be Malik (out on bail, no doubt, enjoying a pizza with his homie) ran like hell from the restaurant. An off-duty police officer tried to grab Malik but Malik slipped out of his jacket and left the officer holding it.

Malik threw the gun away, allegedly, and it was recovered. The gun was a 9 millimeter. No doubt easier to carry on person when walking around, after you've gone and crashed your car and The Man has your Glock for evidence.

DNA and fingerprints linked Malik Elamin to the incident at Pizza Luce.

It was June 18 when Malik was "appearing in court on an unrelated case." He was arrested. He was read his rights and proceeded to open his mouth and tell police things like, hell no, it wasn't him at Pizza Luce. After all, he was under a court-ordered curfew. When confronted with the fact of the video, DNA and fingerprints, Malik had no explanation. Officers proceeded to own Malik by sticking a swab in his mouth to collect "just to be certain" DNA evidence.


One can't help but wonder who was the judge who set this guy's bail?

OH, and by the way: Malik has a gun conviction from 2008.

Malik's address is reported to be 407 33rd Ave. N., a homestead owned by two individuals with the same surname as Malik, most likely his parents. 


Anonymous said...

No doubt related to the Mn famous El-Amin basketball family that owns the fish place! Smh Ouch!

Anonymous said...

What a piece of trash. Hope he gets life

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't know if he's related to the folks who run El-Amin Fish House, which I will hyphenate because it's a proper business name.

However, the owner of the property where this piece of trash resides is Makram El-Amin. That is the name of a prominent Muslim imam. Check out this article.

Anonymous said...

Keith Ellison must be so disappointed to see a fellow attendee of Masjid al Nur get into so much trouble. I'd be curious to see who the judge was who let this guy out - and whether he or she had been contacted by Ellison.

Johnny Northside! said...

See follow up story I wrote about this, two posts forward from this one. Use "Malik El-Amin" for a search term if you can't find it.

Commenters are, I must say, leading the way on this one. I am now becoming aware this is related to the family of the personal imam of Congressman Keith Ellison.

Anonymous said...

Now here is a man that didn't wait until he got to jail to become a "devout" Muslim. It amuses me that these infidels think they are under the radar and by changing their names that they are clever.
Either way, I heard he was so lazy and lonesome he bought an inflatable Hezbollah doll because they blow themselves up. I heard.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous & Johnny Northside:

Johnny Northside! said...

What is there to be "verified?" Everything can be found online and in the criminal complaints. If you think there is a fact that's not right, please point it out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:53 posted an anonymous threat to their anonymous self