Friday, June 28, 2013

Tariq Khan, Accused Of Bizarre "Chasing With An Axe" Incident, Professes His Innocence To JNS Blog, Others...

Stock photo, (post June 21 storm cleanup) blog
post by John Hoff

JNS blog previously reported upon an allegation that Tariq Khan was accused of chasing somebody with an axe. JNS blog also speculated this might be a property owner protecting his home in the aftermath of downed trees and storm damage. Many homeowners were out in their yards with axes and chainsaws, including the author of this blog. (Note photo, above) Therefore, it was my position I would "withhold judgment" on this incident.

Tariq Khan has emailed this blog professing his innocence and forwarding another email which, again, professes innocence. The emails are reproduced below...

First email, dated June 27, and forwarded later to JNS blog, is an email to Luther Krueger. Krueger is a Minneapolis Police Department crime data specialist and (I would assume) one of the folks involved with sending out crime alerts. Khan writes as follows:
Luther, this is all me.

While I apologize for showing up in these email alerts, I'd like you to know that the facts that are in this email/charge are incorrect and untrue.

I just got out of jail on PC after 5 days. Charges were shifted from Assault to TT.

No threats were made to the alleged victims. Which turns out were my neighbors in the crack house next door.

I was merely in protection and prevention mode that morning. 

I still remain a law abiding citizen and a law abiding N.Mpls home owner.

Thank you for presuming my innocence until proven guilty.

My wife who you have also met is CC'd in this email.

Tariq Khan


The next email is to the author of this blog and dated the same day.

I thank you for your coverage of N.Mpls. I am an avid reader.

Please see the enclosed email to Luther @ MPD.

No, I'm not related to the renter M.Khan.

I know this is asking a lot, but can I ask that you remove my name and address? I do not want to be a target nor anyone else in my family.

I've already had one family member murdered here at the house (unsolved) on 3.5.2002.

I understand if you cannot comply with my request, I'm simply asking.

The facts will come out in the case. I have retained Bobby Joe Champion as counsel.

Thank you,

Tariq Khan


To this JNS blog answers: I don't remove addresses for anybody, except in one very specific and limited circumstances on my publication of jailhouse rosters. Furthermore, no confidentiality was offered or implied when you sent your unsolicited email.

I do, however, hope you are innocent and this really was an "angry homeowner versus crackhead who stepped over the line." My gut says it might be that. If you email me updates on your case, I will try to keep readers updated. 


Rita said...

Please keep that ax away from your girlfriend. Was such a delight to discover her history this weekend. Now to just get the mugshot printed and the foreclosure scam out to those tenants and families she works with. Not so sure it is such a good idea to have such a loose nut working in the kind of rental market she is in. Well guess that is not for me to decide. And she had the balls to call me immature and a criminal for opening an unlocked car door !!! What a piece of work she is !!!

Johnny Northside! said...

I am not even sure who or what you are talking about but best of luck with that.