Monday, June 24, 2013

Alleged Knife-Wielding Serial Robber Of Cab Drivers Is On Facebook And JNS Blog Has A Special Message Specifically For Him...

Facebook photo used for First Amendment Comment
and Criticism, blog post by John Hoff

Tonio Weaver is the subject of recent news coverage on Fox 9. He has allegedly robbed five cab drivers at knife point in two days and, as I write these words, is apparently still wanted by the police. One of the robberies happened in North Minneapolis.

Looking at his face on the Fox 9 story, I thought Tonio appeared young and I wondered if he was on Facebook.

Yes. He is...

The account of Tonio Weaver is set to "private" so only two photos can be accessed, the one above (used as a profile picture) and another heart-rending photo depicting what seems to be the same woman and FOUR small children. The children are three girls and the youngest is a baby boy. JNS blog avoids publishing photos like that as a general rule.

Under "work and education" Weaver lists "Mahnomen High School, Mahnomen, Minnesota." Note that in the photo above he is wearing a Chicago Bulls hat. No other connection to Chicago is apparent.  He has 204 friends on Facebook, and some of them might even know where he is. One of his friends on Facebook is the presumed baby mama from Tonio's facebook "cover" photo.

The names of three of Tonio's children are listed on his Facebook account, and they all have "Weaver" as a middle name and the last name of the mother. The children were born in 2007, 2010, and 2011. That leaves the paternity of one child, probably the oldest, to somebody other than Tonio Weaver.

The Facebook page of Tonio's presumed baby mama contains little new information other than the fact she fiercely loves her children and writes in "thug Facebook English," in which each word of the sentence is capitalized with numerous improper spellings as well as punctuation and grammar errors, like so:

This Mommy Right Here, Has Been There Since Day One In Awl My Kids Lifes, I Dnt Send Them Off With There Dad Or Anywhere Else They Neva Been To Daycare Or Anywhere W/Out Me. I Gave My Life Up For Them Just To Be The Best Mommy To Them. I Cant Stand Females That Have Kids & Send Them Off & Run Arnd With Alot Of Guys.

JNS blog assumes financial desperation drove Tonio Weaver to commit these acts. He will inevitably be apprehended and things will be worse for him. JNS blog urges Tonio Weaver to turn himself in. Here is more I would like to say to Mr. Weaver.

Tonio, My father was a cab driver who was robbed in North Minneapolis when I was about the age of the oldest child in your Facebook cover photo. No robbery is good, but this one was particularly bad. A "photo caption story" in the Minneapolis Tribune describing the robbery had the caption "lucky to be alive."

My father quit driving can in Minneapolis after that. He drove a cab in a small town where he made less money for his wife and three kids, all of which were (I take pains to point out) born in wedlock.

Yup, that's about all I have to say to you, Mr. Weaver.

I've got your number. You do the math. 


Anonymous said...

Cabs should be outfitted with bulletproof glass and pass-throughs for the cash or credit card payment. The inside door handles should be operable only by the driver. Without those modifications, driving cab is too dangerous. With all the media attention, this guy will probably be apprehended soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, since he is from Mahnomen and that is a town on the White Earth Indian reservation, I would have to suspect that he is either a member of the Native Mob or a wannabe. Since the mule he is posing with likes to speak in "thug English", I will bet her name is Frances and she loves him dearly.

Johnny Northside! said...

Johnny Northside! said...

To the commenter at 9 am, I really don't see any need to insult the lady's looks. She does appear to be a very dedicated mother. Her name is not Frances, by the way. If there's a reference you're making, I'm not catching it.

Anonymous said...

Anin,( hello in Ojibwe) Google Frances the Talking Mule and I think that is what the commenter is referencing to. This dedicated "mother " is a freaking banger, fool.
Maybe you should do a story on Indian gangs like the Native Mob and its origins in NORTH Minneapolis and understand that the children are guaranteed income from the Parent-Nanny state fund for lazy assholes who like to knife cab drivers and the mules who love them.

Anonymous said...

It took him two years to finally grow a legit mustache.

Cheap driving schools said...

Prison is the only best palace for such kind of guys. Why they don't think the one to whom they are robbing that money would may be his only asset?