Monday, June 3, 2013

JNS BLOG RED HOT SUPER EXCLUSIVE: Bizarre, Deadly Tale Continues At 3523 Queen Avenue North, Man Reportedly "Suffocated With A Pillow" At Site Of Former "Fantasy Internet Strip Club LLC"

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blog post by John Hoff

It just gets weirder, folks.

More information came my way after I wrote about 3523 Queen Ave. N., where a man was found dead recently. There has been no official announcement this was a murder, but here's what I'm hearing from a high-level source about what happened at 3523 Queen Ave. N., former site of a business called "Fantasy Internet Strip Club LLC"...

A guy named Eddie Hutchins (I've already linked him to the address) was the one who called police. Eddie said he heard yelling, then saw two females leave in a cab. Then Eddie found a man who was dead, apparently suffocated with a pillow.

The house has a modest history of 911 calls, which are outlined in this document, click here. The document shows more than one request for police to "check the welfare" of a female who was supposedly being "held against her will" at the house. I'm told "police never could find anything on that, however."

My source, familiar with the neighborhood, said it's suspected that Tyrone Hutchins may be using the home as "some kind of boarding house."

The identity of the dead man is not known at this time by this blogger, but believe me I have my virtual ear to the softly glowing ground of the internet, and I will publish whatever I can find out. 


Anonymous said...

Get a life

Anonymous said...

My fantasy is to suffocate all thugs with urine soaked pillows and to see them confront Elizabeth at the pearly gates and rat out Fred and Lamont.

Anonymous said...

Pierre Gardner, a subject of a blog post here, and George Watkins, who was an all but convicted suspect of a murder of a man defending his wife in a home invasion on Zenith Avenue North on the border with Robbinsdale, are fugitives on the lam.
Watkins is extremely dangerous and you can go to Offender Locater to view his mug shot.