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Michael Karkoc, Accused Of Nazi War Crimes, Lives At 708 Fifth Street NE, Minneapolis, According To Rumors On Facebook...(UPDATE: Other Info Puts Him At 1919 Pierce St. NE)

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Michael Karkoc, 94, accused of involvement with Nazi war crimes, was recently revealed to be living in Northeast Minneapolis, click here for article.

Information floating around on Facebook pages states his address is 708 Fifth Street NE. However, I have been unable to link Karkoc's name with that property. It is a homestead owned by somebody named Heinecke. Further confirmation is needed. Anybody with more info, please share.

This blog has long engaged in the practice of linking specific incidents (and accusations, such as those found in criminal complaints) with specific addresses. Nazi war crimes allegedly committed by a man in his 90s are not an exception to my general rule.

Here is one (not all) of the examples I have found of the info floating around on Facebook...

  • Jenna Mitelman
    Apparently, a Nazi SS unit commander who served in Ukraine and Poland is now living calmly in Northeast Minneapolis, having lied to US authorities to immigrate. His unit was responsible for burning down entire villages full of people, and participated in the massacre at the Warsaw Ghetto. His name is Michael Karkoc, and as far as I can tell, he's living at 708 5th St NE, phone number (612) 378-1675. So with all that, I'd like to know why this bastard isn't in custody yet? Would encourage anyone to call your elected representatives to get this guy under arrest and deported back where he came from.
Commenters who are digging deep (see comments below) list him in association with 1919 Pierce St. NE.


Anonymous said...

According to the copy of his petition for naturalization, he gave his address as 1127 5th Street Northeast, Minneapolis, MN. This home is a duplex and I assume he rents one of the 2 units.

You can see his petition for naturalization at:

Anonymous said...

"Karkoc's name surfaced when a retired clinical pharmacologist who took up Nazi war crimes research in his free time came across it while looking into members of the SS Galician Division who emigrated to Britain. He tipped off AP when an Internet search showed an address for Karkoc in Minnesota."

Anonymous said...

That 708 5th St Ne is probably at least an old address for Michael Karkoc if not a current address. Follow the trail:

Radaris returns several addresses for a Michael Karkoc born March 1919, both the 5th St Ne and a Pierce St. Ne address.

Michael Karkoc Minneapolis, MN 708 5th St Ne (763) 789-****, (612) 378-**** Mar 1919

Michael Karkoc Minneapolis, MN 1919 Pierce St Ne (763) 789-**** Mar 1919

Radaris shows the same telephone number (which I did not post in full) at both addresses.

This is from an old Pioneer Press story confirming Karkoc's wife's name and other biographical details. including a Lauderdale address, very close to the other NoMi addresses.

"In the Ukraine," Nadia Karkoc says, "the names of the towns have been changed by the Communists. The names of the streets. The history, the language, the thoughts - they have changed everything.

"If Gorbachev is serious, he should give the people their history back."

Nadia came to the United States in 1950; her husband, Michael, landed in a New Ulm camp for Eastern European emigres in 1949.

Check out the rental license issued in 1998 for the 1919 Pierce St. Ne address.

RLIC - RENTAL LICENSING Michael & Nadia Karkoc
1919 Pierce St Ne, Minneapolis, MN 55418
612 789-****

The phone number on that rental license matches the phone number from Radaris for that address and the 5th St. Ne address.

Additional confirmation that the 708 5th St address is at least a former address of a Michael Karkoc comes an ad found in the October 10, 2004 issue of The Ukranian Weekly found online:


Please be advised that Branch 487 has merged with Branch 345 as of October 1, 2004. All inquiries and requests for changes should be sent to Mr. Michael Karkoc. Mr. Michael Karkoc 708 5th St. N.E. Minneapolis, MN 55413 (612) 378-****

That phone number is the second phone number shown by Radaris for Michael Karkoc at the 708 5th St Ne address. See page 16 on the right:

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that phone number in what you posted from facebook. Since it is already on the internet, that phone number matches all the occurrences of (612) 378-**** from my previous comment.

bq said...

Why? Here's your answer:

Anonymous said...

Two JNS Jail Roster hits for Karkoc.

2012022711 KARKOC, TARAS.MICHAEL 7/20/1974 727 JEFFERSON AVE NE, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55413 8/15/2012.15:10

2011020142 KARKOC, STEPHAN.NMN 7/17/1987 STAYS IN CAR, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55432 7/30/2011.17:53

Johnny Northside! said...

That first guy has the same name but his birthday is 1974 so it can't be the same guy, now could it? I should note, however, that address of 727 Jefferson Ave. doesn't actually exist.

The second guy has nothing in common with this story except the same last name. And I'm sure there are tens of thousands of people named Karkoc.

But you've given me the idea I should check MNCIS to see if anything turns up on Michael Karkoc, so that's what I'm going to do.

Johnny Northside! said...

No luck. I don't find anything for him in MNCIS either civil or criminal.

Anonymous said...

Here is a video of a reporter in from of Mr. Karkoc's house.

Here is a Google maps Street View image of the same house.

Johnny Northside said...

An update on the story from the Star Tribune. A German court has ruled it has authority to pursue the allegations.

It's my understanding that practically everything needed for an indictment is written down in the man's memoir, written in Ukrainian.