Saturday, June 15, 2013

Corey Davis, Jr., Arrested For Being A Prohibited Person In Possession Of A Gun IN HIS CROTCH...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Pictured above, a World War Two-era German flare pistol. Probably one of the last pistols on earth you'd want to hide IN YOUR CROTCH.

This was NOT the weapon Corey Davis, Jr. was accused of hiding IN HIS CROTCH, click here for criminal complaint. 

But actually, we don't know what type of weapon it was. The criminal complaint isn't specific. It doesn't matter, though, because...

...Corey Davis is prohibited from being in possession of ANY firearm, whether a BB gun, a Dirty Harry pistol, or this arcane and obscure German flare gun.

Davis tried to claim the weapon wasn't his and he was just holding it (IN HIS CROTCH) for his "home boy." I say that must have been a really close homeboy, Davis, if you were using your CROTCH to keep his pistol nice and warm.

The criminal complaint lists 2723 Fremont Ave. N. as Davis' home address. This is a rental property owned by Golden Compass Gp LLC, with the taxpayer listed as Dat Nguyen of San Jose, California. The address for "Golden Compass" is 765 Cobblestone Way, Shakopee, MN, attn Uyen Pham.

"Uyen Pham" is apparently KimUyen Pham, President of Golden Compass Group. The LLC appears to be "in good standing," beyond that I don't know anything except I do wish these fly-by-night, out-of-town, absentee landlords would do a better job selecting their tenants.

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