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Police Investigating Guns Sold To Gang Members Arrest Jiyaad Jamaal Copeland Of 2518 4th St. N., Featured In MPR Story About Gun Crimes...

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When I saw the name "Jiyaad Jamaal Copeland" on the jail roster, the first thing I wondered was whether this guy is related to Donquarius Copeland, accused of murdering Rayjon Gomez. Are they brothers? Half brothers? Cousins? Or is the last name merely a coincidence?

So far, I've been unable to link the two Copelands, whose names sit side-by-side on the Hennepin County Jail roster. Donquarius was born January 10, 1995, and his home address is listed as NPA. (No permanent address) Jiyaad Copeland was born June 14, 1991, which makes this blog posting his belated birthday present.

Happy birthday, Jamaal!

Anyway, Jamaal's address is listed on the jail roster AND the criminal complaint as 2518 4th St. N., a rental property owned by Paul Bertelson which I have been unable to link to anybody else. (Yes, the owner is listed as Mission Inn Mn Inc., but that's Paul Bertelson) The address also comes up as the location of a "shot spotter activation." The address also merited a mention on the North By Northside blog, click here.

Anyway, on to the nuts and bolts of what Jiyaad Jamaal Copeland did...


On May 22 at about 6 pm, police were "conducting surveillance regarding the buying and selling of guns to gang members" in the area of 26th Ave. N. when Jamaal was spotted with the outline of a gun in his clothing. Police stopped the vehicle Jamaal was riding in (a black Dodge Durango license plate 136-KKT) and saw Jamaal making "furtive movements." A gun was turned up in the vehicle. It's still undergoing fingerprint and DNA evidence but Jamaal is the one facing charges. The weapon, by the way, was a Sig Sauer 9 mm semi-automatic handgun, a quality firearm even by non-Northside thug standards.

Jamaal has already been convicted of burglary and being a felon in possession of a firearm so he's, like, really really not supposed to have guns. But somehow, Jamaal was already out on the streets despite his earlier conviction. Click here for an MPR interview conducted with Jiyaad while he was in prison on the OTHER gun possession charge. Five days ago, MPR wrote another story entitled "Gun trouble again for subject of MPR firearms series."Here's another story about Copeland, click here, which goes into his whole deprived background and all that jazz. 

In the MPR interview, Jiyaad lays it on thick about how young men should make good choices and be the masters of their own destiny. It would appear Jamaal didn't take his own advice, but somebody in the system swallowed his line and allowed him out early to commit yet another gun crime.



Anonymous said...

Jiyaad & Donquarius are BLOOD cousins! Jiyaad's mom U-Vita COPELAND & Donquarius's dad Todd COPELAND are brother and sister!!

Anonymous said...

Were brother and sister?

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is some info that appears to confirm the commentary.

Check out two links regarding the above comment.

Obituary which seems to confirm the above comment. Alleged relationship between Uvita and Jamaal unconfirmed though.

Go to the Curtis Copeland obit at then there is a mugshot at

Thanks to those who point me in the right direction and practically put the words in my mouth. You know who you are.

Johnny Northside! said...

Thinking about this a little more, I suspect the poster of the above comment is the same poster that posted the second comment on this post.

Johnny Northside! said...

Arrested for an alleged gun crime AGAIN. In jail AGAIN.

Full Name:

Booking Number:

Date of Birth:

Sheriff's Custody:

Housing Location:

Received Date/Time:
1/20/2014.. 08:52

Arrested By:

Case/Count Description of Charge Charged By Reason for Arrest Severity of Charge State of Charge Bail Information Court Appearance Date/Time Court Appearance Location
BAIL SET BY DC 1/21/2014..13:30 DOWNTOWN Address