Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Accused Burglar Reggie Cundiff Was Identified By His Distinctive Tattoo, Allegedly...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff,
this is not the tattoo described in the story

Reggie Cundiff has to be one of the dumbest criminals that ever lived. He went to all the trouble of putting on a face mask during a terrifying burglary in broad daylight where a victim was present at the house. But as Cundiff was leaving the home, he removed the mask. The victim caught sight of a distinctive face tattoo, which linked Cundiff to the burglary and then a latent fingerprint slammed the cell door shut.

Click here for the criminal complaint. 

"WHERE'S THE CASE?!" one of the burglars demanded of the victim. They were looking for the safe. The safe with the money. The burglars, two black males, had a handgun which was pointed around liberally. One of the burglars had a crowbar. The victim in the house was a juvenile male. The juvenile was sleeping in a bedroom when the burglars entered the house...

An accomplice with a truck pulled up and various items were removed from the house. Clothing, jewelry, a computer, a television. It must have been hot, tiring work moving all that stuff. Reggie's face must have been hot, allegedly. Right as he was leaving, he took off the face mask. That's when the victim saw the face tattoo, which he described as a "sort of symbol." Two horizontal lines with vertical lines passing through, and "squiggly" items next to it.

A latent fingerprint was found near the point of entry. One fingerprint. Once again, Reggie was smart enough to wear his burglary gear (gloves, in this case) but then he must have removed them, just for a moment.

Imagine how proud Reggie must have been of that tattoo on his left face cheek. He must have thought it made him look like a badass, a real gangster.

What an irony that tattoo did him in.

Oh, and speaking of irony...

The photo above shows a soldier who was deploying to Afghanistan through Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The tattoo on his knee is the chemical symbol for iron.




The burglary took place in South Minneapolis on the 3600 block of 39th Ave. S. But Cundiff is a resident of North Minneapolis. He is currently in jail with bail set at $50,000. The criminal complaint lists him as a resident of 1818 Upton Ave. N., a homesteaded property owned by a guy who has no criminal record, only a single parking ticket that I can find.

On the jail roster, the property is described (apparently by Cundiff) as "Grandma's House." 


Anonymous said...

Nothing says "rocket scientist" like tattoos.

Anonymous said...

Now this fool pussy can put a tattoo teardrop by his other eye. I think they should make these guys stand on a corner by wherever they live wearing a sign that says what they have been busted for and explain why they have their grandma's store it and fence it for them.

Anonymous said...

I was assaulted by a North Minneapolis resident with a tattoo on his face. In the photo line up the MPD put little pieces of tape on all the faces they showed me. They claimed the tattoo gave me an advantage in ID'ing the loser. Made no sense at all.

Anonymous said...

There's one of those "busted" mugshots of him online. You can see the face tattoo. I'm pretty sure it's the Chinese symbol for "gentle flower". Either that or dumb fuck criminal monster. Because they look similar.

Johnny Northside! said...

Well, yes, but what many novice Mandarin students usually don't realize is that the symbol for "gentle flower" is Chinese hieroglyphic slang for "One who is not accustomed to forced anal sex in a prison situation but grows to enjoy it."

I'm kidding. Outrageously. And male-on-male rape is a problem in our prison system that needs solutions, not just jokes. But when people who have face tattoos rob houses and are identified by their distinctive tats (allegedly) then a joke about the actual meaning of the tattoo in question which makes reference to anal rape in prison is INEVITABLE.

Johnny Northside said...

Here's the "busted" mugshot being referenced, I think.

tattoos said...

thats iron symbol tattoo

Johnny Northside! said...

Yes, it is. Like it says in the blog posting.

Most people engage in the practice of reading before commenting but you gotta be the trend setter and blaze your own bold trail.