Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tariq Khan Accused Of Threatening To Cut Somebody's Head Off With An Axe Yesterday, JNS Blog Withholding Judgment On This Incident Given How Many No-Accounts Are Trying To Take Advantage After Tree-Downing "Summer Solstice Storm"

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

According to an MPD action alert email that was forwarded to me, a guy named Tariq Khan (relation to anybody else named "Khan" unknown) is accused of threatening to cut off somebody's head with an axe. This was an actual axe he had in his hands, allegedly, as he chased the two victims on foot. The two victims got in a car and then, presumably, made a police report.

The incident happened at 3434 Penn Ave. N. or near that location. That is Khan's address, where he lives in a homesteaded property.

JNS blog will be trying to obtain a criminal complaint for this incident if it goes forward to that stage. I will say it is unknown what, if anything, the victims did to provoke this incident however, given the incredible amount of storm damage and downed trees, it is not the least bit unusual for a Northside homeowner to have an axe in his hands or, for that matter, a chain saw.

Also, there are a lot of no-accounts out there trying to take advantage of the situation following the bad Summer Solstice Storm on June 21. The author of JNS blog has been dealing with various storm related issues for a couple days and I have seen some bad behavior with no-accounts approaching property owners to "help" with storm damage. An epic tale will be written, later, when I have time to write the tale.

So, all in all, I'm withholding judgment on this incident until there are more facts available. 


Anonymous said...

Were the intended victims his daughters and maybe their burka didn't fully cover their ankles?

Johnny Northside! said...

I am still withholding judgment but that doesn't apply to anonymous commenters. Without knowing the facts I guess we are free to let our imaginations run wild. I would like to think he was chasing a duo of Level Three sex offenders (which would add up to, um, LEVEL SIX) and that was a BALL CHOPPING AXE in his hands.

And now, the obligatory link to my punk rock parody song on YouTube, BALL CHOPPING AXES...

Anonymous said...


You are withholding judgement? thats great, but misleading and encouraging others into casting judgement its pretty sissy move.

Anonymous said...

please prove my point about encouraging others to judge by not approving my comment to be on this blog..