Monday, June 10, 2013

Jerome KingRussell, The Notorious "Imposter Foster" Of Larry Maxwell Mortgage Fraud Fame, Soon Will Taste Freedom! Native American Casinos Are Advised To Be On The Lookout For This Man (Pictured Below) And Not Take Any Checks From Him, Especially If Those Checks Are Written On The Account Of JOHN FOSTER...

Department of Corrections Mug Shot Photo, therefore public
domain, blog post by John Hoff

Jerome KingRussell, the druggie POS no-account who impersonated the identity of mild-mannered delivery truck driver John Foster to pull off a massive mortgage fraud scheme, has been cooling his heels in prison for a while due to his chronic inability to abide by the terms of his plea agreement, as revealed exclusively here on Johnny Northside.

Now word comes that KingRussell, who has used up more second, third and tenth chances than Charlie Sheen, will be getting yet another second chance. Word trickles down to this blogger that KingRussell will soon be released from "Phase 2" of the MCF Willow River boot camp. It is suspected that KingRussell may have been imprisoned upon a "come and go" basis. He has done only about a year of the 4 and 1/2 year sentence hanging over him.

Meanwhile, as revealed in a recent article, the victims of KingRussell's fraud are still fighting to collect something, anything, on the $800 civil judgment. They have yet to see a dime, so far. And trying to garnish wages on Mr. KingRussell promises to be quite an affair, by which I mean more of a turnip juice affair than a bloody affair, if you catch my meaning. 


Anonymous said...

Imprisoned on a come and go basis? WTF? Good for you, Johnny for posting his mugshots.

Melony and John said...

Part 1
CIP (Challenge Incarceration Program,) meant to free beds in prisons, was Kingrussell's ticket out. It seems programs like these should view past behavior as one of the components used in the deciding whether or not the inmate should be accepted.

Clearly Kingrussell has had numerous, numerous opportunities to turn his life around and live a respectful crime free life.

With the "wording" that failure for adhering to rules of this program "MAY" send inmates back to prison makes it difficult for society to feel any security that actual consequences will be doled out no matter what the "former inmate" does.

Kingrussell was given 108 months for stealing Foster's identity and I believe he was also sentenced to 6 years in Iowa, which he was to serve first.

Iowa let him go after 8 months and engaging in a "critical thinking" program and then he was shipped back to face the charges here in Hennepin County.

His lawyer made every attempt, nearly succeeding, in counting those 8 months and calling it even in MN as well. Thankfully Kingrussell did himself in, during the 3 or 4 minutes he spoke, and with Brad Johnson fighting, and me, Melony Micheals (John Foster's wife) sitting in the front row, watching, making it crystal clear I was watching, that he was finally sent to do his time incarcerated.

I was told he would have to do about 4 years of the sentence incarcerated.

Well, instead within 6 months he was put into a program (Another program!!) lasting 6 months and then released and is now living in a house in Mpls.

The program itself is supposed to choose inmates that can be re-introduced to the community, hold a job, learn to be law abiding respectful members of the community and pay restitution to their victims. (To date he has not paid even a penny of the $2,000.00 restitution he was ordered to pay asap by the Judge about 4 years ago.) That doesn't include any of the other restitution orders he has been ordered to pay.

For the state it opens prison beds and states the participants have a much lower likelihood of committing future crimes.

While it may look good on paper, and the bottom line of the state's financial picture, with Kingrussell it's an enormous likelihood that it will surely hurt the citizens and some really unfortunate citizen's bottom line.

Melony and John said...

part 2

In the original trial when Kingrussell was give the 108 month sentence, and it was STAYED, much to the disdain of Melony Micheals and John Foster and everyone who lived through the long painful journey of getting him in front of the Judge to be sentenced, the Judge said unequivocally that any violation would send him to serve his entire sentence in prison.

There were countless violations without the promised consequences. If any of these methods had worked or any consequences of substance had been administered, perhaps instead of impersonating Foster and demolishing the life as he knew it, he would have been safely sitting in the cell he earned several times over.

His lawyer argued that the taxpayers wouldn't want to pay for him to be behind bars when there are programs in the community that he could participate in. I, for one am perfectly happy to see my tax dollars spent keeping him safely away from the community.

It's extremely frustrating that the sentence given bears little resemblance to what actually happens.

I often question what is the point of all the hard work to get these criminals arrested, charged, and finally sentenced only to see that the court behaves like a weak parent that threatens consequences but cannot follow through. You end up with a reckless teenager who doesn't think they have to follow rules because experience shows them it's just empty threats. Just my opinion from the 6 years of experience gained in the school of hard knocks we were forced into! It would be so nice if it worked the way most people assume it does.

The only way to keep everyone accountable is to watch. Watch and be prepared to battle again that when he (fairly certain it's when and not if) does not adhere to the rules of the program giving him his freedom, we hold the PROGRAM accountable to follow through and protect the citizens of the community.

My eyes will be following Kingrussell and the program. I will be watching how it unfolds and documenting the results.

Melony and John

Johnny Northside! said...

What I'd really like to know is the specific address where this man will be living.

Anonymous said...

Interesting hos "Melony and John" are allowed to post in TAOJNS. Another fake profile?

Johnny Northside! said...

Yeah, that's not a fake profile.