Friday, June 14, 2013

Somebody Appears To Be "Scrubbing The Internet" Of References To Tajreed Edward Rich's Association With North High, But Google Caches Tell The Tale...

Creative stock photo, West Bank Area of Minneapolis,
blog post by John Hoff

Yesterday I published the criminal complaint against Tajreed Edward Rich, who is accused of having sex with a minor student from Robbinsdale Cooper High School. Rich was reportedly employed at that school as a hall monitor, counselor, and staff member of the boy's football team. Looks like he was also bucking to be the sex education teacher. (Comedy drum sound effect) 

There is widespread talk, both here on JNS blog and elsewhere, that Rich worked at North High for a while, that he was affectionately known as "Taj," and that he was frequently noted to have young girls in his office.

References to Taj's association with North High can be found on the internet, however...

...these references appear in "Google caches." In other words, there USED TO BE references on the internet to Taj working at North High but somebody has taken the time to remove these references. The references still appear, however, in the ghostly part of the internet which document what USED TO BE on webpages.

JNS Blog is NOT asserting there is anything wrong with removing these old references. That kind of "reputation management" is fairly standard in a situation like this. However, the information is of interest in documenting the precise nature of Tajreed Edward Rich's association with North High, so I'll be replicating it below.

This info is from a Google cache dated May 25, 2013. Click here to view the cache exactly as it appears in Google.  Here's what the cache has captured:

Support Staff 

Principal: Michael Favor 

Athletic Director: John Olefke 

Athletic Trainer: Jen Gross 

Statistician: Steve Stinson 

Game Day Operations: Sean Otoole 

Director of Security: Kelly Woods 

Football Operations: Taj Rich Sr. 

Video Director: Robert Murry 

Equipment Manager: Tim Palm 

Director of Media Relations: Angel Ray 

Website Development: Brad Svenson

These appear to be other internet footprints associated with Taj Reed. 

"About me: I'M A COOL A$$ DUDE 4-REEEEEEEAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL:) Who I'd like to meet: Cool M-F*!%^$RS. That's not on B-S*#T. Occupation: Dean of Students" 

On LinkedIn 

On Twitter- nothing since June 7...

Digging more deeply into the criminal complaint against Tajreed Rich, I notice that his home address is listed as 2727 Knox Avenue North. This his a homestead property owned by a woman whose surname is a hyphenated variation of Tajreed Rich's own surname.

I assume it's his mother.

No wonder "The Taj" needed to have sex with a student at the student's house, allegedly. It looks like this guy still lives with his mother. 


Anonymous said...

Here is another one to make a copy of in case it is deleted.

"Taj Rich Sr. graduated from North and also coaches Cheerleading and Basketball at the school"

Sad that his coaching at North is confirmed in the caption of a picture of his daughter.

Anonymous said...

Don't be snitching now, You know he had those children's best interest at heart.
It's all good.
It is.
Now leave that poor guy alone since he did not have a father...
who was not in jail. Who did not have a drug problem. He grew up in the hood and we all know that's a bitch. Just kidding. Make sure that you can get as many girls as possible to testify that he raped them so he can go to prison as a serial CHOMO and, hopefully, get beaten to death that much sooner.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on this case nothing is in the Minnesota Court Records (MNCIS) yet. Nothing on the court calendar, but when I called the county attorney's office, they report there is a hearing this Friday. Also interesting, the case number listed on the complaint ( and it has not been corrected) is incorrect and does not match. I wonder if this is deliberate hmmmm

Johnny Northside! said...

It's been my experience that MNCIS can be months behind. I hardly ever have luck with MNCIS with CURRENT cases, at least not until the cases have aged for a few months. That's when MNCIS seems to catch up.

Other than, I don't know anything more about this case and what's happening with it. If you catch any action on it with MNCIS, post it here. I mean, share the case number, will you?