Friday, June 21, 2013

Footnotes To Hennepin County "Shot Across The Bow" Letter On Level Three Sex Offender Concentration...

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In two previous postings (click here and also here) I republished a letter sent by the chair of the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners to the State Department of Corrections. The letter concerned the unacceptable concentration of Level Three sex offenders in Hennepin County (particularly North Minneapolis) and has been described by a high-ranking government source as a "shot across the bow" letter.

Well, what do you know? My bad. The letter includes three footnotes and I forgot to include them. It turns out those footnotes have quite a bit of pithy and pointed substance. What more can I say except here they are...

FOOTNOTE ONE: This concentration within North Minneapolis means that several blocks have numerous Level III Predatory Offenders living in close proximity. There are five (5) Level III offenders at 10th Avenue and Knox Ave. No., six (6) Level III offenders at 19th Avenue and Thomas Ave. N.; five (5) Level III offenders at 25th Avenue and Golden Valley Road, two (2) Level III offenders at 26th Avenue and Golden Valley Road; four (4) Level III offenders at 34th Avenue and Logan Ave. N. and one (1) Level III offender at 33rd Ave. and Logan Ave. N.

FOOTNOTE TWO: There are 57 Predatory Offenders living in Minneapolis that are not under any type of supervision. There are a number of reasons that Predatory Offenders may choose to live in Minneapolis. Predatory Offenders self-selection of Minneapolis as a place to live exacerbates the concentration of Level III Predatory Offenders on supervision in Minneapolis.

FOOTNOTE THREE: It is important to note that the number of Level III Predatory Offenders in Hennepin County does not include those offenders residing at the two halfway houses that are under contract with the MN DOC to house offenders (including Level III Predatory Offenders) 180 Degrees and Damascus Way. There are an additional 10-12 Level III Predatory Offenders at these two facilities, including a number that have no specific ties to Hennepin County.

In addition, MN DOC has been forcing Hennepin County to accept supervision of Level III offenders at other transitional housing locations.


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