Saturday, June 8, 2013

Deerwood, Minnesota Family Got More Than They Bargained For When Buying A North Minneapolis "Church Van" On Craigslist...

Stock photo from my personal photos, (curse you, Steele County!) blog post by
John Hoff


Yes, Brainerd.

You know. Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox.

A family up there from the little down of Deerwood bought a "church van" off Craigslist and it turned out the van was involved in the murder of Rayjon Gomez. My favorite part of the article is how the family buying the van got a tour of the church and everything. Now the police are saying, you know, it sure LOOKS like somebody (at the church) was really trying to GET RID OF THAT VAN.

I'd heard before this was a "church van" but I never did find out what specific North Minneapolis church was involved. Heaven knows I've got it narrowed down to exactly three, however, only one of which has a pastor who was a character witness for Larry "Maximum" Maxwell.

If anybody out there can kick some information my way that definitively answers the question of "Which church was this with the Gomez murder van," well, you know the deal.

Tell Johnny. Tell.

Whisper in Johnny's ear so Johnny can tell EVERYBODY. 


Anonymous said...

What Church Leaders Should Know
About Church Vans

Anonymous said...

The article implies that there was some sort of wrongdoing by the church in selling this van, but it's not clear what is wrong (legally, morally, or otherwise).
We all know churches love to hide crime, I'd just like to know what this one was hiding.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that you linked to the article, I did not see that before posting my question a few minutes ago.
“Everyone knows that it has been used in crimes — that’s no secret,” he said. “We’d been looking for it for quite a while.”
Crimes. Plural. This church is somehow involved in multiple crimes, so the story alleges. Way to set a great example for people.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they found out that it was used during this crime and decided to ditch it. Myself, I would love to own Ed Gein's old car if he ever takes his mother out of the trunk.

Anonymous said...

This is just another case of the man trying to keep us down. I hereby would like to declare a statewide moratorium on Caucasians who sing "I'm Proud To Be An Oakie From Muscokee" while fornicating with their sheep...I think.