Friday, June 14, 2013

JNS Blog Reader Unearths More Information On Accused "Northeast Nazi" Michael Karkoc...

Stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

After my recent story about Michael Karkoc, accused of involvement in Nazi war crimes and (good heavens!) a longtime resident of Northeast Minneapolis, interested readers have been sending me bits and pieces of info dug up through internet sleuthing. It's the same sort of sleuthing I do, then publish my findings on this blog. But when somebody else does the work it's only right to give credit...even if I'm not naming the individuals who did the digging.

Anyway, here's what we're finding out about Karkoc in the words of one helpful reader...

I viewed the video on the web put out by the AP  (there is a link at and it shows a reporter going up to a house with the number 708.

I researched all of the addresses in NE Minneapolis with the number 708 and did a google streetview until I found a house that matches the AP video and came up with:

708 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413-2126
PID#: 1402924310072Tax Year:2011
Subd (Addn):BORUPS ADDN TO TOWN OF ST ANTHONYPlt Prop Type: Residential
Sch Dist:1 - MinneapolisCnty Prop Type:R
Home Code:HomesteadPostal City:
Lot/Block:002/009Year Built:1967Acres:0.15
Legal Desc:
Lot 002 Block 009 Borups Addn To Town Of St Anthony Nely 123 Ft Of Sely 52 Ft
Owner:Thomas & O Heinecke, 708 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN, 55413-2126
Taxpayer:Thomas & O Heinecke, 708 5th St NE, Minneapolis, MN, 55413-2126

I believe the tax payer Thomas and O Heinike is Karkoc's Daughter Orysia and Son In Law Thomas.

In fact, this reader actually used information provided by this blog to dig into the story further, then feed it back to this blog. I had provided a link to city information about 708 5th St. NE, but when I looked at the info I noticed the house was owned by somebody named Heinike. However, my helpful reader noticed somebody had pulled a permit to add a rear and side deck addition. Click here for link. 

Who pulled the permit? 

None other than Michael Karkoc.

Property Address:Property ID: 1402924310072
7085thStNe   Minneapolis, MN 55413
04/09/2002BIRE3012713Done4580 Karkoc Michael03/09/2004$209.85



JNS blog says: Pulling a permit for a deck? How law-abiding.
It is the position of this blog that law and order must rule in this shocking situation of an accused Nazi war criminal turning up in Northeast Minneapolis. If something is to happen to Michael Karkoc--arrest, detention, deportation, even execution for war crimes--it must be done by the lawful authorities. 
I do think, however, individuals who feel the need to stage a protest should know, specifically, where is a good place to have a protest. That is why I am so interested in providing info about where this guy lives. Not to urge lawlessness. To urge free speech and inform readers about his fascinating (alleged) Nazi-in-hiding lifestyle choices right here in our community. 

The specifics of Karkoc's low-key lifestyle--even something as small as the fact he pulled a permit to build a deck on a house--are also fascinating. What do accused Nazi war criminals do? Well, I guess they go to church and pull permits to build a deck. 


Anonymous said...

I don't see any point in going to his house to "protest". His family is clinging to the fiction that he took no part in the atrocities committed by the unit he commanded. It must be like finding out that your dad is the BTK serial killer. Apparently Karkoc was an upstanding member of society for the last 65+ years, but committed war crimes before that. I'm not sure there were any young men saints in the Ukraine or Poland during WWII - who survived, anyway. I dont know how I'd have reacted if my country were beseiged by Communists on one side and Nazis on the other - or if I were in the middle of a Hutu-Tutsi struggle or beset by Khmer Rouge or the Lord's Resistance Army. I agree that advanced age shouldn't preclude prosecution. Let the justice system in the affected countries work. Maybe they'll be done before he's dead. I'm sure we all have murderers' blood running through our veins if you go back far enough. Again, I'm not arguing against prosecution. While most of our sympathy is due his victims, we could save a little for his family, who have no blame in the matter.

Anonymous said...

As a child you have no control over who your bio parents are. That said, I wonder what the children were told of his military career? What were they told about what his location and activities during the war years.

I'm not going to speculate what they knew, but there might have been a few clues. This guy was fairly prominent in his activities after apparently lying his way into the states. Then there was that memoir.

Johnny Northside! said...

More developments.

Anonymous said...

Put that kraut in an oven so HE can be gassed....or let him stand on Penn and Golden Valley Road wearing all of his gold Nazi medals.

Anonymous said...

Put that kraut- He is not a Kraut. He is a Ukie.

Anonymous said...

kraut. bitch.

Johnny Northside! said...

Interesting story about Polish survivors victimized by the unit led by Karkoc.