Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Clarence Felton Champion, Believed To Be Part of Champion Crime Family, Doing A Stretch Of Time For Weapons Possession...

MN DOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post
by John Hoff

It is unknown to this blogger if Clarence Felton Champion is related to any other person named "Champion" from North Minneapolis, including criminal defense attorney and state senator Bobby Joe Champion.

But Clarence is definitely a criminal, and his last name is definitely "Champion," so that's a good place to start with my first blog posting about the Champion Crime Family, one of a half dozen or so families named by a high ranking source as "Crime Families" in Minneapolis...

Clarence is currently in prison, admitted January of this year and expected to be released in January of 2015. But back in 1999, Clarence was dealing drugs in North Minneapolis and ALMOST won a criminal appeal. Click here for State of Minnesota v. Clarence Felton Champion.

When police executed a warrant at 1000 Logan Ave. N., they found a firearm and crack cocaine on the premises. The resident rolled on her dealer, who she named as Clarence Champion.

Police were able to observe Champion drop off drugs in a mailbox, and their search of the mailbox became the source of a legal dispute that Champion ALMOST won, but lost on appeal.

Earlier, in 1994, according to an internet image of an ancient fossil newspaper artifact, Champion was charged with supplying a gun to Frederich Treesh and Benjamin Brooks before the gun was used in an interstate crime spree.

In 2006, he was convicted of fifth degree domestic assault and sentenced to 90 days with credit for time served, click here.

THAT summarizes what I can find online with a search of his name, but here's his more complete rap sheet from MNCIS.

Not all these charges may represent convictions:

27-CR-89-905274 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 01/04/1989 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed FALSE INFO-MISD THEFT-MISD THEFT-MISD AID & ABET MISD THEFT

27-CR-89-902655 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 03/24/1989 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Southdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed THEFT - AS A GROSS MISD

27-CR-89-031335 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 07/05/1989 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed ASSAULT IN THE 5TH DEGREE CRIMINAL DAMAGE TO PROPERTY FALSE INFORMATION TO POLICE

27-CR-91-037436 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 05/29/1991 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed GIVING PEACE OFFICER FALSE NAME Not applicable - GOC THEFT Not applicable - GOC

27-CR-92-050500 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 07/21/1992 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed GIVE FALSE NAME TO POLICE Not applicable - GOC THEFT Not applicable - GOC

27-CR-92-063900 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 08/17/1992 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed OBSTRUCT LEGAL PROCESS OR ARREST Not applicable - GOC RESISTING ARREST Not applicable - GOC

27-CR-93-002899 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 01/14/1993 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed ASSAULT 5TH DEGREE (DOMESTIC)

27-CR-93-029969 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 04/22/1993 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed 5TH DEG ASSAULT DOMESTIC 5TH DEG ASSAULT DOMESTIC DISORDERLY CONDUCT

27-CR-98-064857 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 06/29/1998 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed DISORDERLY CONDUCT ASSAULT 5TH DEGREE (DOMESTIC)

27-CR-98-074594 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 07/24/1998 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE ALCOHL CONCEN .10 OR MORE W/IN 2HRS

27-CR-98-084960 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 08/24/1998 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed CONTROLLED SUB CRIME 1ST DEG-POSSESSION Not applicable - GOC (Oh, that would be the "drugs in the mailbox" case described earlier)


62-K8-04-004399 CHAMPION, CLARENCE FELTON 02/20/1965 11/22/2004 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Felony Reopened Possess Pistol/Assault Weapon-Conviction of a Violent Crime within 10yrs Assault-5th Degree-Misdemeanor

27-CR-05-003517 0041390014 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 01/18/2005 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction POSSESS SMALL AMT MARIJUANA

55-T9-05-008000 R 185125 R 185125 CHAMPION, CLARENCE FELTON 02/02/1965 07/18/2005 Olmsted Domestic Assault - TRF Closed 5TH DEG DOM ASLT *AL352 DISORDERLY CONDUCT *N3030

62-TX-05-020467 905229232 CHAMPION, CLARENCE FELTON 02/20/1965 09/01/2005 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Non- Traffic Misdemeanor Converted Closed VIOL DOM ABUSE NCO

62-K3-05-003154 CHAMPION, CLARENCE FELTON 02/20/1965 09/09/2005 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Felony DWI Reopened Traffic - DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle - Alcohol Concentration 0.08 Within 2 Hours

27-CR-06-000094 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 01/05/2006 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction DRIVING AFTER CANCELLATION - INIMICAL TO PUBLIC SAFETY

27-CR-08-2346 CHAMPION, CLARENCE FELTON 02/20/1965 01/15/2008 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed Driving after cancellation-inimical to public safety

27-CR-09-4287 CHAMPION, CLANCE FELTON 02/20/1965 01/27/2009 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed Controlled Substance Crime Fifth Degree-Possession Not applicable - GOC 27-CR-12-13189 CHAMPION, CLARENCE FELTON 02/20/1965 04/30/2012 Hennepin Criminal/Traffic/Petty Brookdale Crim/Traf Mandatory Closed Traffic - DWI - Refuse to Submit to Chemical Test Traffic - DWI - Operate Motor Vehicle Under Influence of Alcohol Traffic - Open bottle law; Possession; crime described

Quite an impressive resume! JNS blog is trying to obtain the most recent criminal complaint(s) which sent Clarence to prison.

Also, of course, to figure out who are his relatives. 


Anonymous said...

He's a champion criminal.

Anonymous said...

He looks a lot like Eddie who was shot and killed in nomi, and also looks like LuLu who's a cockroach. .
Bobby is very much related to these two and I believe this family may be second to the gomez clan when it comes to being current or future roomie's with the devil. Ask him... ask Bobby, that is.

Anonymous said...

I will collect every possible name and relation for you in accordance of their connection with these sorry, crime-ridden through the ages, life ruining families who like to birth and bare butchers, rapist's, murderers, thieves and drug dealers.
North Minneapolis has been terrorized by these families for decades and Don Samuels should be appointed by Betsy Hodges as special investigator of these crews and the money and trouble that they cause this city.

Anonymous said...

Is there a booster in that family named Nina? She was part of the City Inc. many years ago?

Anonymous said...

You should be worried about George Cornelius Watkins when he gets out in January of 2014.
He and Keith Hemphill murdered Jamie Marks(Robbinsdale home invasion) and, if you read the news account, went back to kill his wife but she locked the door. Jamica Holden was the driver of the getaway car.
It is irrelevant if he was acquitted(he scared the hell out of anyone who dared to testify) he's already admitted he did it to his jailhouse friends.

Anonymous said...

You know, John, just because certain people with the same last name, or even people who are related, commit crimes, that does not make them a "crime family." Maybe you need to understand the colloquial usage of terms before you start blogging about them. See ya.

Johnny Northside! said...

I am using "crime family" the same way it was used by City Councilman Don Samuels.

Groups of related people committing crimes for multiple generations? That's a crime family. Even the big and well established mafia "crime families" started with the same bloody, petty, murderous crap that these crime families are involved in right now.

So quibble all you like. The mission continues. Here's a little tiny harp for you:


Go harp on it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Nina? Nina who?

I looked under "Nina Champion" in response to your question and didn't find anybody.

Anonymous said...

Nina Lee Champion on Penn ave North

Johnny Northside! said...

The name "Nina Champion" turns up no criminal record on MNCIS.

The name "Nina Lee Champion" turns up no mug shot or evidence of a criminal record on Google.

Are you sure you have the name right? Are you sure of your facts?

Anonymous said...

So the murderer in the home invasion not that long ago is getting out next year. Phenominal!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nov.20th @4:13 must be Don Allen who also has a last name that happens to be notorious in the familial sense in NoMi.(keep messin' and i'll take apart your family tree with the help of my SoMi friends)
Don, you need to go back to ripping off veterans and maybe you will get shot like the dog the white boy named Gypsy out their in rural America tried to be, DAWG!

Anonymous said...

I used to work in a downtown department store in loss prevention, and a person named Nina (whose last name I thought was Champion) would drop off a carload of shoplifters at the door, drive around the block in her Escalade, and pick them all up as they ran down the street with stolen merchandise. She also worked at The City Inc. This was about 15 years ago, but she had quite a reputation.

Anonymous said...

Anyone affiliated with The City Inc is a criminal. See Sharif Willis. Rest in peace Jerry Haaf.

Anonymous said...

Don Samuels is a moron who used the "crime family" line as a distraction because he had no actual plan to reduce crime. All talk - no action. Good thing he's out.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you missed one. Or is this not the same train-wreck of a human?

69-CR-69-234-69 CHUMPION, LARRY FELTUN DOB: Unknown 01/13/2007 Hennepin Criminal/ Mandatory creating a public nuisance.
Attempting entrance to the Gay 90’s night club wearing assless chaps-inimical to public safety.

Johnny Northside! said...

Good one. You totally had me going up until the word "assless chaps."

Anonymous said...

This is Ms. P.
Our family has known Clarence for decades and he doesn't even own a pair of chaps. Let alone assless ones.
Get your facts straight!

Johnny Northside! said...


(In my serious blogger-cares-about-accuracy voice)

The "assless chaps" information is on a comment and was not the work of this blogger. I approved it as a substantive remark about the topic but I am not responsible for its accuracy or alleged lack of ass. I mean accuracy.

Johnny Northside! said...

Here is a name from the jail roster which comes up jackpot on MNCIS.

2013032581 CHAMPION, EDLAINA.TANA 7/19/1987 715 PENN AV N, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55411 11/22/2013.02:34

I need to follow up on this later. NOTE TO SELF.

Anonymous said...

To November 27th-@8:27; you have a good idea and I believe it would be money wisely spent. Please take a note, Mayor Hodges, because I already know you will be a good mayor because women make better leaders.

Anonymous said...

What about the Hodges' crime family led by Booker Sr. who liked to shoot up bars back in the day? Ask Booker Jr. since you know him.

Johnny Northside! said...

A comment alleging there is another crime family out there has NOT been rejected. I am looking into the information in the comment to consider whether the comment should be published.

Johnny Northside! said...

I've gone ahead and published the comment. I have no proof that what you're saying is true but, geez, did I ever turn up an interesting police record for somebody named Booker T. Hodges born 12/31/1971.

Anonymous said...

The old saying say's "The proof is in the pudding" and I love Jell-O puddiing.
I will always help you ,John, because I simply believe in you and you walk the walk.
Watch out, I know a lot more...oh..the name of the bar was, is, Lee's, which is the only building still there from then.

Anonymous said...

What about marnika jackson she is known to be part of the champion crime family just HAS a different last name but she is mearl champion daughter

Johnny Northside! said...

Who is Mearl (sic) Champion? Are you sure it's not Merle? Tell me about this guy.

Anonymous said...

Do not google Marnika M. Jackson and True Religion. Do not google Yasmeen M. Almonte and True Religion. Do not look for that alleged incident on Marnika's (extensive but lyol and don't judge!) list at MNCIS. The alleged True Religion car load full of thousands of dollars of clothes out of town shopping incident allegedly happened in Northbrook Il, not in NoMi.

Anonymous said...

"On January 14th Marnika Marie Jackson, 34, of Minneapolis was charged with gross misdemeanor theft." http://www.co.wright.mn.us/department/sheriff/notices_archive.asp?eid=1515

"Jackson, Marnika Marie, age 34, of Minneapolis, sentenced on 04/01/13 for Gross Misdemeanor Theft to 365 days jail, $100 fine; 365 days stayed for two years on conditions of probation, pay $100 fine plus surcharges, pay $75 public defender co-payment, pay restitution, stay out of Coach Store in Albertville, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Strand." http://westsherburnetribune.com/cwt/report-wright-county-attorney-thomas-n-kelly-18

Anonymous said...

The neice

Anonymous said...