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Linking Fugitive Leontaye Antez Slaughter-McCaskel To The Ferguson Crime Family, PART TWO OF FERGUSON CRIME FAMILY SERIES...

Facebook image, used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, and public safety exception, blog post by John Hoff

JNS blog continues its mission to trace the genealogy of known and named crime families of Minneapolis. Recently I wrote about Leontaye Antez Slaughter-McCaskel, who is wanted fugitive convicted of gun possession, click here. 

I knew Leontaye was linked, somehow, to convicted murderer James Leon Ferguson, a patriarch of the notorious Ferguson crime family, but I wasn't sure of all the "begats." Tonight  my source was kind enough to explain it to me and even provide the photo, above, which shows Leontaye on the left, with the white shirt. The guy on the right with the sneering expression is a McCaskel, according to my source. Here's how the...

...(mostly) unmarried "so-and-so begats" happened which link Leontaye with James Leon Ferguson.

Leontaye is the son of Dawn Fleming, also known as Dawn Fleming Slaughter. Leontaye's father is Mike McCaskel, a Blood. So Leontaye carries both the last names of his parents, Slaughter and McCaskel. 

Here's how Leontaye is linked to James Leon Ferguson. 

Leontaye's mother, Dawn Fleming Slaughter, has a sister named Lena Slaughter. And Lena popped out some children for James Leon Ferguson, including a son named Jay Ferguson. My source is not sure of the fate of James Ferguson, but the following info was found on a website called Reverbnation, click here, and documents the genealogy of Jay Ferguson, as follows:

Jay (Bootsie) Slaughter-Ferguson was born May 22nd, 1989 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Lena Slaughter (Mother) & James Ferguson (Father). Shortly after he was born (19 months) his father was arrested for a crime he did not commit & convicted of 1st degree murder, and was sentenced to life in prison. To get him away from the gangs & drugs: Lena (Mother) moved her & her 2 kids (Bootsie ;6) (Jalena ;3) to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with relatives (Aunt & Uncles) for a few years. 

Leaving Bootsie with no father figure to look up to or tell him right from wrong, he went down the road of Gang Banging anyway. Becoming a member of the Rollin 30'z Bloodz from the South side of Minneapolis at an age of just 12; led Bootsie right into the life of his father. Which led into him going to jail and being shot only at the age of 14. 

So at the age of 16 while visiting a relative (Tez) who was experimenting with his new camera, he caught Bootsie freestyling and said "spit it for the camera" so Bootsie & his close friend E-Dub started going back & forth rapping for the camera. By the time they were finished everyone was in "AW" and right there, at that point in his life he knew he wanted to rap. Not only was he talented, but he really had something to say. But being featured on song w aritists like, (SLO) (All Out Records) (Que-Ball), and many others were not enough. He wanted his own music & songs. So, he called up J-Dawg his older Brother (By 3 months) who already had his rap group/label (Dawgy Entertainment) ''

Note the mention of JDawg Ferguson. That would be Ju-Chuan Ferguson, who died this spring of homicidal violence, click here. 

As for Zedric Ferguson, whose grave is pictured above, I am not sure if he is one of the son's of Lena or not, but that's Leontaye Antez Slaughter-McCaskel posing by the grave.

Zedric died of gun violence on September 11, 2003, in the piss-smelling alley behind Wendy's on Lake Street. He was only 16. Born into a known and notorious Minneapolis crime family, he never had a decent chance at a good life.

So, the fugitive Leontaye, son of Dawn Fleming, would be, like, COUSINS with any children of Lena Slaughter. And "Slaughter-McCaskel" is the name carried by at least ONE of Lena's children, which is Leontaye. So there's the link between the Fergusons and a Slaughter-McCaskel. 

Leontaye (and let me emphasize, again, he's a WANTED FUGITIVE) has a Facebook page under the name Leontaye Rick Slaughter McCaskel. 

The background image of the profile is an image of homicide victim Stephanie Smith.

I am told Smith was a naive young woman who thought gang bangers were fun and sexy, and she paid a stunning price for her sunny view of street thugs. 

One image on (fugitive!!!!) Leontaye Slaughter-McCaskel's Facebook page shows a memorial with "Rolling 30s" graffiti.

The "Rolling 30s" are a Bloods-affiliated street gang in which the Fergusons have been involved since its founding. 

In regard to this image, Leontaye wrote: "Brotherly Love--at 38" 

I am not sure of the meaning of this caption or whether the "38" references an age or a caliber. But here is what Leontaye and Godschild Saint Slaughter wrote in comments to the Facebook photo.


Leontaye Reck Slaughter-McCaskel: WOO WOO!!!!! TO MY DO DIRT RIGHT HAND!!!!! GOOD LOOKIN UNK

JNS blog is not clear on the meaning of these utterances, either. It's also not clear to me whether the Rolling 30s graffiti was part of the original memorial or represents some sort of defiant defacement.

However, the name "Ferguson" and "Rolling 30s" have been linked for a very long time. See, for example, Ferguson v. State which involved a murder by Alonzo Ferguson, click here for the case. The fact summation of the case is very revealing of gang violence involving the Fergusons and the chaotic lifestyle choices of people involved with street gangs, so I am just going to print it verbatim:
The relevant facts giving rise to Ferguson's conviction are as follows. In the early morning hours of September 24, 1994, several gunshots were fired through the dining room window of a south Minneapolis home.   One of those shots hit Allen Wheatley, Jr., who died later that day.   Allen Jr. was from Chicago, but was visiting relatives in Minneapolis that morning together with his father, Allen Wheatley, Sr., and his cousin, Jabar Wheatley.   Several members of the Wheatley family lived in Minneapolis, including:  Allen Jr.'s uncle, Vincent Wheatley;  Allen Jr.'s uncle and aunt, Kenneth and Angela Wheatley;  and Allen Jr.'s cousin, Prentice Wheatley.
The relatives gathered at Kenneth and Angela's house and soon after they arrived, several of the men went for a walk.   This group included the older brothers, Allen Sr., Kenneth, and Vincent, as well as the younger cousins, Allen Jr., Jabar, and Prentice.   On their way back to Kenneth's house, the group encountered Alonzo Ferguson, a friend of Prentice.   Ferguson met up with Allen Jr., Jabar, and Prentice, and the three older men returned to Kenneth's house where they went into the basement to continue visiting.
Meanwhile, on the street in front of Kenneth's house, Ferguson and the cousins had a conversation regarding the color of the shirt worn by Allen Jr. Allen Jr.'s shirt was blue and Ferguson pointed out that some people in the area, like the Rolling 30s Bloods, reacted badly to people wearing blue.   Allen Jr. became angry with Ferguson, apparently because he did not appreciate being told what he could or could not wear.   Prentice then left.   At this point, Allen Jr., Jabar, and Ferguson were outside in front of Kenneth's house and Allen Jr. and Ferguson were arguing.   Prentice came back and prevented a fist fight between Allen Jr. and Ferguson.   Ferguson then left.   Allen Jr., Jabar, and Prentice began to argue among themselves.   Allen Jr. apparently was upset that Prentice had not intervened on his behalf during the conversation with Ferguson.
Hearing the cousins' argument, Kenneth, Angela, Vincent, and Allen Sr. came to the door of the house and brought the cousins inside, where the argument continued.   A few minutes later, Prentice left.   Shortly after that, Kenneth and Vincent also left, having decided to drive to a convenience store.   They went out to Jabar's car and when they reached the car, Vincent saw a person whom he identified as Ferguson running beside the house.   Vincent and Kenneth followed that person around the house, but by then the person had disappeared.   Vincent and Kenneth then drove off to the convenience store.
Just after Kenneth and Vincent drove off, they heard several gunshots.   Because the shots sounded like they did not come from the direction of Kenneth's house, the brothers continued on to the store. Meanwhile, back at Kenneth's house, Angela, Allen Sr., Allen Jr., and Jabar were sitting around in the living room and talking.   At some point, Allen Jr. got up to answer a phone call in the dining room, hung up, and was walking back toward the living room when several shots were fired through the dining room window.   One of the shots hit Allen Jr. in the upper abdomen.   No one saw the person or persons who fired the shots because the vertical blinds were closed, and everyone immediately fell to the floor when they heard the gunfire.
Ferguson was arrested two days after the shooting, but he denied any knowledge of the shooting and was released.   Almost two years later, Johnny Edwards, a former Bloods gang member and also a distant relation of Ferguson, contacted the police.   Edwards informed the police that, on the morning of the murder, Ferguson told Edwards that he was going to shoot Allen Jr. Edwards also told the police that Ferguson later confessed to Edwards that he had shot Allen Jr. With this additional information, Ferguson was re-arrested and charged with Allen Jr.'s murder.   Ferguson was subsequently indicted for first-degree premeditated murder in violation of Minn.Stat. § 609.05 (2000), Minn.Stat. § 609.11 (2000), and Minn. Stat § 609.185, subd. 1 (1996).   After a jury trial, Ferguson was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.
(End of Court document)

Here is Ferguson in prison today, where he will remain until September of 2015.

Another Ferguson linked to the Rolling 30s gang is Calvin Ferguson, who was convicted of murder but had his conviction overturned in October of 2011. The alleged murder victim was Irene M. Burks, age 22. Supposedly, he was facing a retrial but I do not know if that ever happened. The summary of facts about the shooting, taken from the Minnesota State Supreme Court ruling, is once again revealing of the bad and chaotic lifestyle choices of members of street gangs, as follows: 

Irene Burks was shot to death on September 12, 2006.  At approximately 5:30 p.m. 
on the day she was shot, Burks went to the home of K.C.  K.C. and Burks were close 
friends and routinely saw each other several times a week.  After Burks arrived at K.C.’s 
home, she did not go inside the home but remained outside to speak with K.C. and K.C.’s 
daughter.  Burks asked K.C. if she could use K.C.’s telephone.  K.C. went back inside her 
home to get the telephone.  Burks remained outside the home and continued to visit with 
K.C.’s daughter, who was standing in the doorway of the home.  After retrieving the 
telephone, K.C. returned to the doorway.  As she was handing the telephone to Burks, 
K.C. looked up and saw an African American man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt 
standing between two trucks parked across the street.  As K.C. watched the man, he 
started running toward K.C.’s home.  K.C. became alarmed when she saw a large object 
in the man’s hand, so she yelled out Burks’s name.  When the man reached K.C.’s gate, 
he fired a gun at Burks.  K.C. reacted by pulling her daughter inside the home and closing 
the door.  K.C. testified that from inside her home, she heard approximately six more 
gunshots being fired outside.  She then called the police.  When the police arrived, K.C. 
opened the door and saw Burks lying in the front yard.  K.C. located all of her children 
and saw that her daughter’s ankle was bleeding.  The police determined that the daughter 
had suffered a gunshot wound and treated her injury at the scene.  Meanwhile, an 
ambulance took Burks to the Hennepin County Medical Center, where she died of the 
injuries she sustained as a result of the shooting.  

Several eyewitnesses observed some of the events surrounding the shooting.  
W.O., A.Q., J.W., and O.M. all lived in the neighborhood.  W.O., A.Q., and J.W. 
reported seeing an individual wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt leaving the scene 
of the shooting.  A.Q. and J.W. stated that they saw the individual running toward a 
parking space in an alley opposite K.C.’s home.  Shortly afterward, they observed a 
brown sedan back out of the same parking space and hit a garage before the sedan headed 
south down the alley.  O.M. observed an individual get into a brown sedan, back into the 
garage, and head south down the alley.  

When police officers arrived at the scene, they took a statement from K.C.  K.C. 
described the shooter as a “black male, about five-nine, thin build, medium to dark 
complected.”  She said his nose was “a little wider,” and he had “medium-sized lips.”  
She said the shooter was wearing a blue or black “hoodie.”  Police officers also examined 
the forensic evidence found at the scene—footprints, tire tracks, and bullet casings.   

Sergeant Bruce Folkens led the investigation of Burks’s murder.  Shortly after the 
shooting, in late September or early October 2006, Burks’s mother telephoned Folkens 
and told him that she had just heard from her niece that the person who shot Burks was 
called “B.J.”  Later, Burks’s mother called back to tell Folkens that the shooter’s name 
was actually “C.J.” Folkens would later testify that he knew from his time working in 
the community that the defendant, Calvin Ferguson, had used both of these names.  
On the basis of the calls from Burks’s mother and his prior knowledge of 
Ferguson, Folkens retrieved a photograph of Ferguson and prepared a six-person 
sequential photographic lineup that included Ferguson’s photograph.  Folkens then met 
with K.C. at her home and showed her the photo lineup while they both sat at the dining 
room table.  K.C. viewed all six photographs in the photo lineup and identified Calvin 
Ferguson, who was depicted in the second photograph, as the person who shot Irene 
Burks.  K.C. was the only eyewitness who was able to identify Ferguson from a photo 
lineup.  Folkens showed the same lineup to A.Q. and J.W., but neither of them was able 
to identify Ferguson as the person he saw at the scene of the shooting.  Folkens also 
prepared a second photo lineup consisting of profile views of the same individuals for 
J.W., who had told Folkens that he had seen the suspect from the side.  J.W. was unable 
to identify a suspect from the second lineup.  

On August 7, 2008, a Hennepin County grand jury indicted Ferguson for first- 
degree and second-degree murder. 

(End of Court Summary)

The conviction was thrown out because evidence was improperly excluded about the possibility of another shooter. 

I am not clear on how Alonzo and Calvin are related to  is related to other Fergusons such as James Leon Ferguson, but it's the next thing I'm going to try to find out. 

The mission of JNS blog to document "crime families" in Minneapolis, including the Fergusons, continues. BY THE WAY, click here for an interesting website which supposedly lists all the members of various gangs--purportedly under the control of the gangs themselves--and "Ferguson Family" is on the list. Zedric Ferguson is specifically listed, as is somebody named Jawon "Lil Woop" Ferguson.

Here is one of the photos on that website:

Here is a little piece of doggerel from the "Bloods" website:

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust
In Bloods we trust
In ?rabs we bust
If you kill a ?rab
you win a prize
if you kill a blood
your whole family dies 

This is what the city of Minneapolis is up against. Organized criminal families involved in multi-generational crime, individuals like Leontaye Antez Slaughter-McCaskel who are literally BORN AND BRED FOR CRIME. 


Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, my goodness.

I just realized the tombstone is probably RED granite.

Anonymous said...

Minnesota department of Corrections Offender Locator shows James Leon Ferguson DOB 12/22/1966 OID Number: 166127 is in custody at MCF Oak PArk Heights.

"The Minnesota Correctional Facility-Oak Park Heights, 5329 Osgood Avenue North, Stillwater, Minnesota 55082-1117, opened in 1982, receives offenders transferred primarily from other adult male institutions who are classified as maximum custody or extreme risks to the public."

Anonymous said...

Yes, they favor red. They pose with a tombstone like it's a badge of honor to die. It's really sad and weird.

Anonymous said...

38th is what they call their territory (main location) on 38th and chicago south minneapolis..

Anonymous said...

I am tired of all you motherfucker's making excuses and taking advantage of everyone who is legitimate. You are stoking, and starting, a whole lot of shit that you can't back up. Plain and simple. You already know the fucking deal....big, bad , bangers. Unleash it, Go ahead....

Johnny Northside! said...

I strongly believe the "unleash it" remark is the work of one of the trolls who stalks this blog, and takes anonymous opportunity to try to stir up crap with the many violent people who are written about on this blog.

Here is information about the identity of the suspected troll.

Anonymous said...

RIP Muka.

Anonymous said...

In your third picture the name get emz is a member of the 30s who was killed in 2011 on 38th and Chicago a notorious corner for the bloods, He asked a man waiting at the bus stop why he was wearing blue converse shoes and then assaulted him with two of his friends also blood members. When the man ran across the street to distance himself from the assault the bloods followed so the man pulled a knife and stabbbed get emz to death. The man was not charged with the murder or any other crime due to self defense.

Anonymous said...

STRIB: Fatal Mpls. stabbing was done in self-defense, investigation concludes
Updated: August 22, 2011 - 9:09 PM

"Justin Jackson and his gang have contributed mightily to the fear factor in South Minneapolis, and his death gives some small measure of relief from that fear.
He was 22 when he was killed. In the four years since he turned 18 he has had 11 run-ins with the police, mostly for petty crimes."

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It's Ja'Chaun. Ass...... Smh

Johnny Northside! said...

The following interesting and relevant info is being bandied around on North Talk Facebook forum.

I now have the full story, the true story. Unfortunately, I highly doubt some of you want to know the truth. Monique does still live here and is in the process of working with the bank to buy her house back. She is not a free-loader, she worked for Hennepin County and lost her job when they did their rounds of layoffs. A friend asked if she could help take care of his dog because he couldn't. This female had puppies and was well taken care of (the puppies did not stay at N 6th). The occupants of this house were shocked when they got a knock on the door last Wednesday to seize the dog they were taking care of. Judge how you want, you usually do, but most of us dog lovers would help out a friend and care for their dog no questions asked. The female that was seized did not fight, but she is linked to it and did have a litter of the puppies. I do not personally know Monique, but I know the other person that lives there. After a conversation last night, I have no reason to believe they knew what was going on. Just friends thinking they were helping a friend. It could happen to any of us of have rescues or caring for a friend's animal. Two good people that got mixed up in this for thinking they were helping out someone.

3 hours ago

Johnny Northside! said...

It is the policy of this blog to not use apostrophes in names, which are pretentious and confuse search engines such as MNCIS when somebody is searching for a criminal record.

This was previously discussed in association with another blog posting about JDawg. But thank you for your relevant commentary about the facts of this story.

Anonymous said...

Nothing classes up a photo of yourself posing next to the tombstone of a loved one like a holding a half-smoked cigarette.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, John. How can a blog be "stalked?" Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

These SAME people have been crapping on all of Minneapolis for YEARS. They only stay locked up if they murder someone. This is their playground, as long as they are not killing people, they are free to do whatever as long as they stay in the city. Ever wonder why?

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