Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bryan Adams, No Relation To Grammy Award Winning Singer, Arrested Again, FORCES Johnny Northside To Stretch For Song Allusions...

Wikicommons photo, blog post by John Hoff

Bryan Adams, no relation to the Grammy award winning singer, has already been featured twice here on JNS blog, click here and also here.

The last time I wrote about Bryan Adams, no relation to the vehemently anti-war Canadian singer, I was forced to stretch my creativity to the breaking point to come up with Bryan Adams references in the text of my article. Well, now our own local Bryan Adams, a no account jailbird who is no relation to the singer who worked as a dishwasher to save up money for a decent guitar, has gotten himself in some trouble yet again.

Click here for criminal complaint.

Police say Bryan Adams...

...went to the house of a guy whose initials are J.A.L. despite a protective order in place. Adams wanted to get property from the house and got into a long argument with J.A.L.'s mother. At some point, Adams allegedly pointed a knife at J.A.L.

When police arrived, the mother said she thought Adams was high on something. That was pretty reckless of Adams, considering he'd only just gotten out of prison and was at the house of somebody with a protective order against him.

Of course, when police arrived, Adams had already fled.

Police did eventually apprehend Adams and now he sits in jail, awaiting trial. His bail is a mere $10,000 but Bryan can't come up with that much, apparently.

What will Adams say to the judge THIS time? Whatever it is, he'll have to make it good.

Adams' current address is listed as 4241 Humboldt Ave. N., a rental owned by Cel Monton LLC. Since it's the same address he listed BEFORE he went to prison, JNS blog has doubts whether this is really a good address.

If Bryan Adams gets out of jail to offend again (allegedly) heaven knows how I'll manage to write yet another blog post with adequate song references.

But Bryan Adams? I just want you to know...

I'm stocked up and ready.

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