Friday, November 8, 2013

Wanda Nunn Tries To Escape From Police, Earns Nickname Of "Fleeing Nunn"

Wikicommons photo, blog post  is by John Hoff

I wish the nickname "Fleeing Nunn" was the product of my own cleverness, but apparently it was some wag in the Minneapolis police department or some prosecutor. It was passed on to me and, of course, I'm passing it on to readers. Click here for criminal complaint. 

Wanda Nunn, whose surname is that of a known North Minneapolis crime family, is accused of trying to flee from police with a car full of stolen merchandise from a store in Eden Prairie. She was not alone, but in the vehicle with two other persons. The merchandise totaled $1,207.

According to police, on or about October 15...

...they were dispatched to the target store in Eden Prairie on a report of three shoplifters entering a white Ford Explorer, license plate 032 DUU. When officers approached, the vehicle fled. The vehicle almost went through a red light but then slammed on its brakes to avoid hitting a truck, turning 180 degrees. The Explorer backed up and fled on the wrong side of the street. Police were able to pin the vehicle against a curb.

Behind the wheel was Wanda Nunn, who smelled of alcohol. After getting on the phone and calling a member of her family, (or is that CRIME family?) Ms. Nunn refused to take the breath test. The fact she was able to make the phone call in the midst of arrest and a breathalyzer test is due, no doubt, to the fact these were Eden Prairie police, not members of the Fourth Precinct...who would have handled things, well, differently.

Wanda has two DWI convictions within the last ten years. She is charged with drunk driving, theft, and fleeing a police officer.

Her address on the criminal complaint is listed as 2334 Upton Ave. N., a rental owned by Gregory J. Prosch of 3570 Lexington Ave. N. #202 Shoreview, MN. 


Anonymous said...

Hopefully this freak gets locked up for few years. She does the world no good.

Anonymous said...

She was born in 1962.
She is pretty old. I don't think she will ever grow up and lead a clean life.

Anonymous said...

There is so much talk about closing the achievement gap in our schools but what the government & education system fail to address is the fact that many of these young people don't care about their education because their goal is to have babies & get money, be the best "booster" they can be, or sell drugs. Those are the career goals of too many of the inner city students. Are you listening Rybak?

Anonymous said...

Police Nab Woman at Byerly's with Stolen Liquor in Shorts

"Police say Wanda Lynn Nunn stuffed three bottles of alcohol into her spandex shorts and tried to leave the liquor store without paying for them."

A trip to MNCIS reveals an interesting thing or thirty something!

Johnny Northside! said...

Wanda Nunn has EXTENSIVE record, more to follow on THAT.

Anonymous said...

After the 3 bottles were deloused, they had to sell them at a steep discount.

Anonymous said...

you don't talk about James (Binky) Nunn killed walking down the street, or Orlando"s father Ronald Nunn killed in an alley or Jerome Nunn in prison for murder Or his sister Serena Nunn who was in federal prison for getting caught with pukkey Duke. And president Clinton pardoned her Now she is a lawyer