Monday, November 18, 2013

Roger Miceli-Gomez, Accused Of Attempted Molestation, Sent To Mental Hospital For 90 To 180 Days...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

A commenter alerted me to the fact Roger Miceli-Gomez was no longer listed on the jail roster and asked me what was up. I sent a message to the parent of one of the young children involved in the alleged incident (click here for previous article) and I found out that...

Roger is at a laboratory where many bunnies will be spared because new types of shampoos will be tested on the eyes of Roger, not Fluffy.

No, but seriously, Roger is at a facility in Cambridge, Minnesota called "MSHS Cambridge." It's a program for developmentally disabled individuals whose behavior poses a risk to the general public. The facility is not meant to be long term placement but is for "crisis stabilization." Roger is expected to be there no less than 90 but no more than 180 days, after which time he will have an electronic tracker inserted in his ding-a-ling and will be released into the wild like a spaded feral cat.

Kidding. Again. Obviously.

The parent of one of the children told me "I don't care where he is from, deport his ass" and also stated that North Minneapolis has too many sex offenders and so Roger should go anywhere but back to our neighborhood.

Yes, speaking of the sex offender concentration, we have a whole new batch of elected public officials and what ARE they doing about this issue. Inquiring minds want to know in NoMi. 

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