Thursday, November 28, 2013

Annoying Sex Offender Peter Rickmyer Files New Crap In Federal Court, Somehow Tries To Make Will McDonald Of The MN Department Of Corrections Responsible For Writings On Johnny Northside Blog, Plus An Imaginative Thanksgiving Bonus For Readers Who Normally HATE Reading About Rickmyer, You Know Who You Are...

Stock photo, Forward Operating Base Salerno, Afghanistan,
blog post by John Hoff

Peter Rickmyer, a Level Three Sex Offender in North Minneapolis who, incredibly, has been wanted on a "non-extraditable" warrant out of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma since the early 1990s for a lewd and terrible thing he did THERE, continues to file stuff in federal court while decent people await a ruling on whether Rickmyer is a frivolous litigant IN FEDERAL COURT.

Rickmyer, (and did I mention he's wanted on a warrant in Oklahoma?) has already been declared a "Rule 9" frivolous litigant in Hennepin County District Court. But that didn't stop Rickmyer from filing in federal court.

Recently, in response to a motion by defendant Will McDonald, a probation officer, asking for summary judgment, Rickmyer filed something along the lines of a response. Click here for that document but be warned, it contains unconnected leaps of thought that could break your mental shinbones...

Though purportedly a response to Will McDonald's motion for summary judgment, the document says relatively little about Will McDonald and just goes on about big, bad Johnny Northside who blogged this and blogged that and also blogged that OTHER thing about sex offender Rickmyer, whose creepy creeping and frivolous litigation have terrorized our neighborhood since roughly the time he left Oklahoma (contrary to the conditions of his suspended sentence in that state) and ended up in North Minneapolis, where he molested children.

Which brings us to today's musing: What DOES a sex offender frivolous litigant terror of the neighborhood do for Thanksgiving?

If Rickmyer would be a good little sex offender, (yes, it's a plain contradiction, but readers know what I mean) he would keep his head down and NOT try to chat up strangers on the bus, at the CVS store near his house, or in the "Skyway" system connected to the Hennepin County Government Center where he is often seen, plainly up to no good. He certainly wouldn't file lawsuits at every turn, which are thrown out of court at every turn, only to file more; and the whole time living on public assistance when there is sh** to be shoveled SOMEWHERE.

Suppose he was a GOOD sex offender rather than a BAD sex offender, who simply kept his yard neat (this has always been the ONE GOOD THING about Rickmyer, he keeps his yard neat) and tried to avoid offense-by-his-mere-presence as much as possible.

SUPPOSE that were the case.

Now imagine it's Thanksgiving.

Oh, wait, you don't have to imagine. Today IS Thanksgiving. Well, happy Thanksgiving, JNS blog readers, and let us return to our holiday hypothetical.

In such an impossible scenario (it's really too late for Rickmyer to be GOOD, unless he were to move the hell away somewhere, like back to Oklahoma to clear up his old warrant) I imagine that on Thanksgiving, there is a knock on the door. It's a soft, polite knock. Not the usual rappy-rappy-RAP!!! knock of Rickmyer's probation officer.

Rickmyer opens the door a bit, careful to keep the chain on the lock. And there upon his porch stands an old lady from a local church. Some distance behind, keeping a watchful eye, is a burly and dangerous-looking, but not-at-the-moment-unfriendly young man.

"Sir," the old lady creaks, holding forth a cellophane-wrapped plate, piled high with Thanksgiving bounty, emitting a steam of deliciousness. "I'm from the church down the street, and we thought you would like a holiday dinner."

"For me?" Rickmyer asks, instantly tearing up.

Somebody thought of him. Went out of their way to perform an act of kindness. He opens the door, careful not to move too suddenly, but even so the old lady takes a small step back. Graciously, and oh-so-carefully, Rickmyer takes the plate and thinks to himself how he can feel the actual warmth of human kindness and Christian mercy upon his hands, calloused from all the work he performs in his fenced in garden and self-made greenhouse, the envy of the whole neighborhood.

"We have a whole bag of holiday food," the old lady says, and the young man reaches down to his feet as if on cue, comes forth with the bag. "Candies and pies and items made by the church ladies. I hope you don't mind if we put in a few tracts about Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior."

"Jesus in The Only Thing that gives me Peace," Rickmyer replies. "But for Him, I am lost."

"We do have church services every Sunday morning at--"

"I do better if I avoid human beings!!!" Rickmyer says, suddenly and a bit too forcefully, as the old lady's eyes widen. "Sorry. Sorry to interrupt you, ma'am. I appreciate this. You can't understand how I appreciate this. But I am working on my soul with The Lord, and I do better if I avoid the world, out there. I even order my groceries and have them delivered. I spend all my time in my garden, as Worship of the Lord and penance for my filthy soul."

Rickmyer looks downward and keeps repeating, under his breath. "My filthy filthy soul..."

"Is there anything we can get you?" the old lady asks, after about the fifth repetition.

"Seeds," Rickmyer says, in a whisper. "I love to try new seeds in the spring, but I can't always afford the really exciting seeds in the garden catalogs. Beyond that..." Rickmyer reaches up to take the bag from the young and burly man who can't help broadcasting a slightly-hostile message with his eyes, a small warning. Rickmyer casts his eyes downward, toward his feet, as he has learned time and time again is the best way to act socially in these thankfully rare situations.

"Do you mind if we come by with food on the major holidays?" the old lady asks. "We can ring the door and...and leave it if you like..."

"That would be more than I will ever deserve," Rickmyer says, withdrawing inward. "Thank you. Thank you again and God bless you..."

The woman returns on Christmas Eve with a different burly young man from the church accompanying her. Instead of hanging back, the young man insists upon escorting her closely, his eyes darting around as if looking for an ambush.

There, in front of the door, is the very plate she'd left Mr. Rickmyer on Thanksgiving. The plate is washed and clean, and in its center is a beautiful green house rose, with every thorn upon the stem carefully clipped away.

In addition to a bounty of holiday foods, the old woman leaves food in disposable plastic dishes to provide many meals. She also leaves a massive seed catalog, with a note.

"Mr. Rickmyer," says the note. "Brother in Christ. Circle the seeds in this catalog you would like, put the catalog back out on New Year's Eve, and by Easter the seeds you want will be left on your door. In His Love, Pastor Dale, Know Me New Life Church." 


Anonymous said...

That is exactly how I would expect Rickmyer's life to be proceeding. What I don't understand, is his lack of understanding of these very simple instructions that you consistently provide to him… Keep your head down, be quiet, stop filing crap. Yet, day after day and week after week-month after month, and year after year-we are bombarded with the insanity Rickmeyer substitutes as some sort of legal right that he thinks is being infringed upon. Strangely the consistency in which he files things is a harassment at a minimum and a stalking and it's true form. Should he get one with a view you as a opponent, he will attach like an ex that you cannot extricate even with the flame. And heed the warnings that Johnny Northside provides-his legal filings do a numb of the brain like shinsplints. You need a week to recover after reading one. It isn't pretty and neither is he.

Anonymous said...

WTF does this puke not understand. He is a level fuckin 3 pervert piece of shit. He is on parole and has a diminished expectation of rights. He also fails to mention that his parole agent executed an arrest after a DOC Hearing Officer made a decision that his sorry ass should be locked up. Spanky decided not to tell the Federal Court Judge that a different DOC Hearing Officer found merit in thr parole agent's claims and found grounds for revocation. Fuck you Spanky.....a slow death from the nastiest ass cancer an angry God can give is too good of a death for you.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to write more on this?
I'd like to know if he returns the favors by possibly shoveling the church sidewalk,or some other kind gesture.

Anonymous said...

this reminds me it's time for an update on your twin brother and Mama and the trailer park, etc.

Anonymous said...

You're such a moron, John. You've run out of anything substantive to say (long ago, actually), so now you've turned to this fantasy drivel of yours.

Anonymous said...

He is very creepy. He should be locked up somewhere, Hell?

Johnny Northside! said...

It's good advice for ANY Level Three Sex Offender.

Keep your head down, be quiet, don't go filing crap in court.

MOST of them follow that advice without ever thinking about it or being aware of it, instinctively. And then there are a few idiots like Rickmyer and Tom Evenstad, the chat line rapist, who appear bent on their own destruction by their own hand.

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep promoting him? Just about everyone in MN and beyond would ever hear of him if it weren't for you.

Anonymous said...

That was a lovely piece of prose and an enjoyable twist on an unsavory topic. Thank you.

Johnny Northside! said...

He was famous in the City Pages long before he was famous on this blog. And he keeps getting written about because he keeps filing frivolous lawsuits.

NOT writing about him doesn't make him NOT file frivolous lawsuits. Excuse the triple negative, but my meaning is readily apparent. I am writing about him because what he does in my neighborhood meets my criteria of "blog worthy."

Kristine Barfknecht said...

Oh Jesus why can't you just leave this guy alone!!! He really isn't a bad guy and he is pretty smart. The only reason you talk about him is because you know he's not going to do shit about it but really it's getting pretty sickening can't you find some one else too talk about you fucking weirdo? You prey on peoples weaknesses you should learn too shut your damn mouth once in awhile!!! find something to write about that actually matters!!! Leave Rickmyer alone. I don't see you constantly writing about anyone who would actually kick your ass if you kept writing bad shit about them!! You are a hypocrite Johnny Northside!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if John Hoff would stop harassing him and just leave the guy alone, he might stop filing court motions to get the likes of Hoff to stop harassing him.
Takes two to tango and JNS is loading. Hoff feeds off the misery he inflicts on others, a true predator.

Johnny Northside! said...

Riiiiiight. Like somehow writing about him makes him file frivolous lawsuits.

The man was suing church ladies at the Jordan New Life Church and the freaking TUPPERWARE lady before I even MOVED to North Minneapolis, let alone started blogging.

"It takes two to tango" sounds like what a sex offender says when trying to justify what he did to a minor. This deviant and his frivolous filings will be written about, reported upon, and exposed. If he isn't filing anything, when would I be writing about him?

Of course, I do owe the world an article about how this guy is WANTED ON A WARRANT OUT OF OKLAHOMA COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. I don't know how Pete's case manager, Gregory Fletcher, can consider Pete to be rehabilitating himself when Pete doesn't take care of that old warrant in Oklahoma.

You got anything to say about that old warrant, anonymous commenter?

Johnny Northside! said...

Right, Barf Necked. In the 5 years this blog has been up and running, I have NEVER written ANYTHING about somebody who is likely to kick my ass, if given the chance.

(Sarcastic eye roll)

(All the way to THE MOON, sarcastic eye roll)

It's always interesting to me how the slumlords and the sex offenders seem to stick together. Can you explain that symbiosis to me better, so my thick head can understand it?

Kristine Barfknecht said...

1st of you retarded little piece of shit DO NOT DIS-RESPECT MY FUCKING NAME!!!! You don't see me acting childish & Calling you some dumb shit like john Jack-Off!!! So Grow up or I will bee the one too actually kick your fucking ass!!! 2nd of all I Nor My Family are Slum-Lords!!!! A Slum Lord Doesn't take care of their rental property & do you see the 1 god damn rental property my family owns have you seen it has the city had any complaints about it recently since Your last victim of your no stop criticizing!! No so like I said stop being an Ass Fuck & start writing about shit people actually give a shit about!!! You & your stupid bullshit you write is tiring & I think it's about time you retire your tired out Blog nobody gives 2 fucks about what you have to say!!! Anyone could do what you do....I kinda feel sorry for you what does ur boring life consist of sitting in front of your computer scanning your favorite web page...The Hennepin County Sheriff Jail Roster since you just love too write about other peoples mis-fortunes if I were your son I would be ashamed to have you as a father & actually publicly telling people!! You are a Hypocrite & the only reaason you are stuck Blogging about people on here is because no real newspaper or magazine will hire you because frankly you suck!!! Get a life!!!
& really be a bit more mature your how old & Your going to dis respect my name?? That's what grade school kids do & we try to teach our kids not too make fun of people for any reason your a great role model! but you call me out of my name again and I'm going to show your ass a "Barf Necked" It is Miss Barfknecht too you! please show some respect or I will file a law suit for slander! I'm very offended! I'm starting to believe that maybe you are secretly A sex sex offender and that's why your so all up in their business!! You are a pathetic person! watch your self man!!!

Johnny Northside! said...

Approximately 3,000 page views PER DAY would tell me otherwise.

And I don't think I actually called YOU a slumlord but I sure struck a defensive nerve, didn't I? Go commiserate with your pal, sex offender Peter "Spanky Pete" Rickmyer, since you're so close you'd actually defend him in a public forum. WHAT IS IT about low-end property owners and sex offenders? Can you EXPLAIN the precise nature of the symbiotic relationship to me?

Anonymous said...

That "woman" longs to be Pete's pal. Besides being butt- ugly, she defends convicted child molesters which tells me she would let the pervert babysit her litter.
That is one sick woman who needs a mental AND physical evaluation.

Anonymous said...

Barfknecht complains JNS is not acting like an appropriate role model yet her entire post is a profanity-laden, half-literate and hyperbolic screed. Stop being an "ass fuck," really?

Johnny Northside! said...

Oh, my.

I may be harsh sometimes, but you take it a bit further than it needs to be taken.

Anonymous said...

I think this Barfknecht person was drunk when she posted. Pathetic.

Kristine Barfknecht said...

Really a "Low End Property Owner?" & you live where?? Northside Correct? Who are you too call someone a low End property owner! I know exactly where you live & your not any better then anyone else. And further more he is not"My best pal" I happened to meet him while I was working @ Monte's Auto Repair I know he can be annoying & weird but he's only human he's just looking for company I'm sure alot of people dislike him but come on you just take it a bit too far just leave the guy alone it's not like he's hurting any body! I do not agree with what he's done I think it's just as sick as anyone else! But I also think there's more to it then that He obviously has some mental issues! But for the most part he try's to be a good guy he tries to be helpful he tries to be a good person...I can't understand why you keep writing about him, Does it make you feel good to keep publicly humiliating this guy? Has he ever personally went out of his way to hurt you/? It's just sad that this guy never had a chance to be just a regular person in the neighborhood because you won't let that happen. Like I said you like too dwell on people's MISFORTUNES! I don't believe he is out their preying on little kids anymore he's a lonely guy just looking for someone to talk to I don't think he means any harm!! Just by talking to him you can tell he has a mental illness is that his fault? No most people are born like that and mental illness's are a disease. You on the other hand you are a cruel & nasty person I've read alot of your "Bullshit" & that is exactly what it is "Bullshit" We are trying to better the Northside it's fine to write about the bad...But can't you ever find the good things & write about them! your shit's getting old and Nobody is any better then anyone else you like to write about shit that you really don't even know the whole story & that's not what good writers do! all your shit is one sided well I have news for you there are 2 sides to every story why don't you try getting both sides!!! I say you just retire because your not good at what you do, you never have been!! Get off the Hennepin County Sherriff's Jail Roster & go out into the neighborhood there's alot more going on out here that people would be more interested in! We don't want to hear about the same boring shit! & try getting the whole story not just one side!! & for those of you who like to comment on his shit why do you post "Anonymous" What are you afraid of? Are you embarrassed someone would recognize you & know that you actually read into Johnny Northside's Crap? Maybe I'll start a Blog & call it "The Misfortune's of Johnny Northside" The boring story's of Johnny Northside!!! Man get a life! Seriously I can't believe there's not one person out there who has at the least Bitch slapped your ass because lord knows you deserve it! Now I have wasted enough time here I must get on with my so called "Poverty Stricken Life" You pathetic Hypocrite! Have a nice Day :)

Johnny Northside! said...

Barf Necked, are you completely blind, stupid, deaf and dumb to how many frivolous lawsuits he has filed against god-knows-how many people, and how much time and money has been spent to make these worthless lawsuits go away? You say he's not hurting people? Ask the people who have to take time away from their life to deal with his stupid crap in court.

Anonymous said...

John had the respect to put your new profile picture on your old comments that had been posted with your old photo.
Your new photo changes my mind and I will correct myself and remark that you are very quit posting drunk.

Johnny Northside! said...

I didn't have anything to do with the changing of the profile pic. That changed when she changed it within Blogspot.

But, yeah, remarks about people's LOOKS are seldom of any value, though child molesters (like the kind being commented upon here) deserve whatever they get.

Kristine Barfknecht said...

I changed my profile picture not This queer!!! And I am done with this idiot! His blog has bothered me for years he is such a hypocrite! Sneaky Pete is not my "Friend" I just feel sorry for the Mentally challenged which I am starting to believe Mr Hoff Is a bit challenged himself! He makes assumptions about people & half the shit he blogs about are only half assed truth!!!! Now I see his new thing is he wants to start naming the top 6 crime Family's on the Northside!! seems to me you have seemed to forget an important so called crime family who in your words had been terrorizing the Northside for years!!! Yea My personal extended Family "The Gustafsons!" & please do not come back at me talking any negative shit about them or the fact that they are my family because that's very disrespectful & I've had enough with your disrespect! You have already disrespected me my last name you have called me a low end property owner & a slumlord! Now really did I deserve to be called all that all because I don't agree with the fact that you can't leave Rickmyer alone??? Yes he is sick yes he did molest someone & also yes he did do his time!! I'm not saying he wouldn't do it again if givin the chance but god damn can't you just back the fuck off!! maybe you should refer him to seek mental Help! because it's obvious he has mental stability problems!!! but I don't expect you too understand! you are a class A Asshole & you make up your own views on people & I must say your not good at that at all! Because you've got me all wrong! you know nothing about me! I am actually a nice person I like to help people I don't wish for enemies it does not bother me if people don't like me,But it does bother me to have enemies because Enemies are out to hurt you & cause you harm! I don't need that kind of stuff in my life!
However I am impressed that you did not Comment about a former level 3 sex offender "Michael Barfknecht" & before your little mind starts moving I just want to make it clear that he is technically of no relation to me...He was born Michael Norris" He changed his name to Barfknecht when his Mother Married Norman Barfknecht still no blood relation they are my Ex Husbands Family! I only kept the name for my kids! all this being said I've once again wasted too much time even acknowledging you! Have A Great Day!!!! Sincerely,
Kristine Barfknecht-Pikala

Johnny Northside! said...

Fascinating. Explain to me how the Gustafsons are your extended family?

Anonymous said...

The bitch assaults people so watch out. She likes to attack with pipes...empty crack pipes. Be afraid, be very afraid....of looking at her mugshot because you will BARF.