Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wanda Nunn, Believed To Be Member Of Nunn Crime Family, Has Extensive Civil Suit History To Go Along With Her Criminal Record...

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by
John Hoff

Wanda Nunn, whose flight from police caused her to be dubbed "The Fleeing Nunn," whose online court records show dedication to a life of crime the way more productive folks carve out an actual career, also has quite a history of civil suits both by her and against her...

Here's that history from MNCIS, with an explanation of each.

27-CV-000795832 NUNN,WANDA VS STATE FARM MUTUAL AUTO INS CO 09/24/1982 - Hennepin Civil Personal Injury Closed

Ironic that somebody who can't keep a valid driving license and finds herself accused of fleeing from the police would EVER sue an auto insurance company, but hypocrisy is not a criminally chargeable offense.

The resolution of this case, and whether there was ever a judgment, is not shown on MNCIS.

27-CV-000796377 NUNN,WANDA VS PRESLEY,DIANE,CAROL 10/12/1982 - Hennepin Civil Personal Injury Closed

Unknown how this case turned out, either, but Nunn was actually suing three people: Diane Carol Presley, James Klenk, and Charlene Coleman.

Presley, whose middle name is sometimes spelled "Carole" in online court records, has an extensive criminal record herself. So extensive that I plan to write a separate blog post. Why one no account criminal was suing another is not clear from the cryptic notation on MNCIS.

27-CV-96-004985 WANDA L. NUNN DEFENDANT 04/01/1996 - Hennepin Civil Default Judgment Closed

This case was filed by Dana's Apparel of Edina, Minnesota. There was a judgment against Nunn for $516.95, which she never paid and which eventually expired kind of like those two judgments against Fifth Ward City Council Candidate Brett Buckner. I assume the case against Nunn involved shoplifting or bad checks.

27-CV-HC-970416528 NEW SALEM MISSIONARY VS NUNN, WANDA 04/16/1997 - Hennepin Housing Eviction (UD) Closed

I have to ask: Just how serious of a dirt bag is this woman that a CHURCH wants to put her out on the street? And New Salem Baptist at that, where thugs of every variety find some kind of solace and, frequently, a final funeral.

27-CV-97-022041 WANDA LYNN NUNN DEFENDANT 12/05/1997 - Hennepin Civil Default Judgment Closed

This lawsuit was filed by Limited of Columbus, Ohio, which I assume is a women's apparel store just like I assume this was a case about shoplifting or bad checks.

10-C8-01-002216 STATE OF MINNESOTA VS WANDA LYNN NUNN 12/31/2001 Carver Restitution Judgment Closed-Physical File Destroyed

This resulted in a judgment of $3,055.05, a familiar number which relates back to one of the criminal charges against Nunn where restitution was limited to the amount of the civil judgment, which was the following:

0-K4-01-001029 NUNN, WANDA LYNN 09/03/1962 07/05/2001 Carver Felony Converted Closed CONSPIRACY Not applicable - GOC OFFER FORGED CHK 250/2500 Not applicable - GOC

The forced check charge was dismissed, but the conspiracy charge was upheld. Sentenced to 36 months confinement. Restitution was "reduced to civil judgment" of $2055.05. 

27-CV-HC-060307529 STEVEN J GOTHAM VS WANDA NUNN; JAMES NUNN; JOHN DOE; JANE DOE 03/07/2006 - Hennepin Housing Eviction (UD) Closed 27-CV-HC-10-5978 Arlyn Christ vs Wanda Nunn, John Doe, Jane Doe 09/09/2010 - Hennepin Housing Eviction (UD) Closed

Slumlord versus no account. Hard to tell who to cheer for, isn't it?

Steven J. Gotham's name came up once before on this blog, as the owner of 2653 Lyndale Ave. N. It wouldn't surprise me that Gotham would rent to somebody with a criminal record as long as Nunn's, and it would surprise me even less that Nunn would end up being evicted.

But now Nunn needn't worry about a place to stay. It's unlikely she'll avoid jail time on the current charges and so you, the taxpayer, will be providing a roof over her head for, I'm guessing, at least a couple years. 


Anonymous said...

You show me a perfect church and I'll show you a room full of liars. New Salem is a good place to fellowship

Anonymous said...

Funny - comments vanished... (but only here)

Johnny Northside! said...

I don't think any comments vanished. I wrote this blog post last night, and haven't had an opportunity to approve any comments until just now. So no comments have appeared or disappeared.

Anonymous said...

New Salem = New Crackem.

Anonymous said...

Big question: Would Wanda have been better served to have had Jill Clark as attorney? If so, where is your Jill when needed?

In rehab?

Presumably were any one of Ms. Nunn's incidents to have involved Clark as attorney, JNS would have waved that flag loud and long. Nunn does seem to qualify as a Jill Clark client. The resume fits

Johnny Northside! said...

Where, indeed, is Jill?

Tell me have you seen her?

Have you SEEN her?

Anonymous said...

Are you sure this woman doesn't have the Measles, Mumps,Rubella, Whooping Cough and possibly hang nail?