Monday, November 4, 2013

Probation Hasn't Worked Out So Well For Dashaunta Dmar Gomez, He's In Jail And Charged With Possession Of A Weapon...

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Well, JNS blog saw THAT coming a mile away. It was June 9, 2012 when I said I wouldn't wager "a handful of dryer lint" on Deshaunta Gomez being successful on his probation. 

Jail roster info, brought to the attention of this blogger by an anonymous commenter, confirms that Deshaunta Gomez is sitting in jail charged with...

...possessing a pistol or assault weapon after being convicted for a crime of violence. There's also a Department of Corrections hold, no doubt because Gomez is on probation.

Gomez, who was involved with the slaying of Keontrell Govan, was arrested October 28 and therefore must have spent Halloween at a horrible party where everybody was dressed like a prisoner showing no creativity at all. He is being held on bond of $150,00. He has a hearing scheduled for November 21.

Dashaunta is the brother of Malo "The Bored Shooter" Gomez and when there is talk of "six crime families" in North Minneapolis, "Gomez" is the very first surname that comes to mind.

Deshaunta once went by the Facebook moniker "Shaunta Boutthat Gomez," but at some time since June 9, 2012, changed his Facebook name and now goes by "Shaunta No Laccin." Click here to see his profile, which will only work if you have a Facebook profile yourself.

It should be noted if Dashaunta was carrying a gun (and the system accuses him of so doing) it's probably because he has good reason to be frightened of, inter alia, the friends of Keontrell Govan. So it's a vicious cycle, isn't it? He can't carry a gun because he already carried a gun because he was afraid of people carrying guns. Given a choice between "dead or in jail," so many of these young criminals vote with their dominant hand by arming themselves.


Did I say VOTE?

That reminds me: JNS blog has a hot story,coming out soon about the election in Ward 5.

Stay tuned. 

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Anonymous said...

I remember when dreadlocks on a young black male meant he was likely highly educated, articulate and socially conscious. The look was completed with a turtleneck and reading glasses. Think Bobby McFerrin when he was resident conductor of the St Paul Chamber Orchestra.