Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Brogan Files Blog Will "Fade Away," JNS Blog Will Help That Happen So Let The Post-Election Healing Begin, Let The Rifts Be Bridged, Everybody Sing Kumbaya...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

The impact of social media in the form of aggressive blogging was proven in this campaign, with City Council Member Barb Johnson overwhelmingly crushing the campaign of upstart amateur challenger Kris Brogan.

A factor in the race was The Brogan Files, an anonymous blog which appeared in March of this year and made trashing Kris Brogan its mission in life. Because the blog discussed Northside issues, JNS blog added Brogan Files to our "blog roll," giving the blog exposure to our 3,000 daily page views. (1980s heavy metal "rock on" gesture with tongue extended)

The Brogan Files was ugly, bare-knuckle politics by SOMEBODY (the author of the blog is still unknown) and it appears to have worked overwhelmingly. There was never any serious doubt Barb Johnson would win the race, but the enduring lesson of the Brogan Files was apparently DO NOT DARE TO CHALLENGE BARB JOHNSON IN AN ELECTION OR YOU WILL GET MESSED UP...

Word on the street is Johnson has repeatedly disavowed any association with the Brogan Files. Due to Brogan's efforts to dump more low income housing into the midst of our neighborhood revitalization efforts, Kris Brogan has enemies aplenty outside the Johnson political campaign.

HOWEVER. The election is over and Kris Brogan is not a bad person at all. Reasonable people can agree to disagree about what is good for our neighborhood. Hopefully everybody can be civil in the post-election world and be, admirably, like boxers who hug after pummeling each other to a pulp.

What happened was politics. The Brogan Files, as of this morning, has posted a public promise to "fade away." Whether that means the blog will come down or will simply stop adding any new content is unknown.

However, in a spirit of post-election reconciliation, JNS blog is removing The Brogan Files from our blog roll, forthwith. 

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Jerry Moore said...

Hello Hoff: Your webpage does not have 3000 daily page views, if it did Google would rank it as a 1 or 2 - like the Star Tribune. I wish you would stop bullshiting people with your cheap blogger website.


Jerry Moore - by the way: #youwillnotgetapenny