Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Candidate Brett Buckner, Who Will Win Fifth Ward City Council Election When Swine Take Flight, Made Vaguely Threatening Statement About Settling Scores "Northside Style"

Facebook photo, used under First Amendment Fair Comment
and Criticsm, blog post by John Hoff

Two Serious Candidates, Brett Buckner, And A Green Kale Garnish

Skip to the next boldface header if you don't want to read an arcane analysis of the downside of Individually Ranked Voting, and you just want to know about Brett Buckner's vaguely threatening statement at Shiloh Baptist Church.

WELL HERE WE ARE, ONCE AGAIN, in the bizarre world of "ala carte" Minneapolis elections, where you get a first, second and third choice. And here is the mutant Godzilla creature which comes from experimenting with a time honored principal of one person, one vote...

I didn't want to publish this right before the election, because it was believed by many Northsiders that Brett Buckner supporters were likely to cast "second choice" votes for Ian Alexander.

Since the fact Ian Alexander is friendly with this blogger is pretty well known, I didn't want to alienate those "Buckner First, Alexander Second" voters by talking TOO MUCH smack about Buckner.

Indeed, I believed I talked no more and no less than a necessary amount of smack, given the pressing election issues like NOT ELECTING A GUY WHO HOLDS ONTO MONEY LIKE A DRUNK HOLDING A WET BAR OF SOAP.

Yes, this is just another way IRV (Individually Ranked Voting) hinders rather than helps democracy: Candidates and their supporters have to worry about airing perfectly relevant negative facts about other candidates, for fear of losing "second choice" votes.

But the idea that IRV will make candidates "nice" to each other is also fallacy. No political party is more in favor of IRV than the Green Party, but every time Green Party candidate Kale Severson was at a debate in Ward 5, he was the biggest trash talker at the debate. So there will still be trash talk, it will just come from candidates who never had a chance, anyway.

Thus, the best candidates have to worry about airing negative facts (the best candidates actually have to carefully calculate votes, including second choice votes) while candidates who have no chance (Kale Severson, the "Green Garnish") need not hold back with their negativity. But the worst candidates are the least likely to have relevant facts worth airing. Thus what REALLY suffers in an IRV world is a robust discussion of negative facts about candidates aired from the mouths of RELEVANT candidates.

Now with the polls closed and the votes being tabulated, I can publish a piece of scuttlebutt reported to me about Brett Buckner and, of course, Jerry Moore...

It was reported to me Brett Buckner was in Shiloh Baptist Church, where Ian Alexander was also present. Reportedly, Buckner had HARSH words to say to Alexander about things written on JNS blog. The stuff about NCAA money especially upset Buckner, the implication he took money or owed money or something like that.

For a review of what was written that upset Buckner so much, click here, here, and also here.

A Promise To Take Care Of Trash Talking Blogger "Northside Style" 

Reportedly, Alexander made clear JNS blog was not working for Alexander's campaign but stated some level of friendship with this blogger. Buckner was unhappy to hear that and said something about how he would take care of matters "Northside style."

"What does that even MEAN?" Ian Alexander reportedly asked, or words to that effect. I am not sure what Buckner replied, but in my vivid imagination I assume he said, "How you ain't know?"

Meanwhile, who was hanging around with Brett Buckner? Well, it was good old Jerry Moore! The guy who owes me a judgment of $3,799.69. The guy who hit a JACC board member in the face the night of an election which didn't go his way, just like THIS election won't go his way. Yes, the disgraced former Executive Director of JACC who was involved in a mortgage fraud at 1564 Hillside Ave. N.

But I can't complain TOO much, since Jerry recently did at least a middling job filling out required paperwork for the court system about where he's making his money these days. Jerry claims to be "self employed" and making $3,500 a month. This is assuming the paperwork I was mailed really came from Jerry and contains truthful statements, which would require too much of a leap of faith when we're talking about Jerry Moore.

Is that $3,500 a month coming from Brett Buckner's campaign? Well, there's no way to know because Buckner hasn't filled out the required campaign disclosure forms, has he? See an article I wrote yesterday, click here. 

What Does That Even MEAN?

So (once again falling back upon my vivid imagination) I have to figure out what taking care of things "Northside style" might mean.

Here's what I've come up with, so far.

1.) Brett Buckner is going to write a blog, since "Northside" has become synonymous with blogging.

2.) Shoot up my house, then scurry like a rat. But remember, even if you manage to hit the camera with abysmal "Northside style" thug marksmanship, what happened BEFORE you hit the camera will still be recorded.

3.) Vehicular sabotage. Best of luck with THAT. The vehicles are kept parked where the cameras can watch. God, I love my security cameras.

4.) Rely on the vague fear something bad will happen because everybody knows the Northside is full of violence, however, most of it is thugs preying on thugs. Therefore, in summary, Brett Buckner will be more like Brett Bluster.

5.) Cry into his pillow and blame his election loss on Johnny Northside, just like Lennie Chism. 

Let me just say that if Brett Buckner wins this election, I will run outside and look in the sky for flying pigs. But enough about Buckner...

Before this eventful night is over, I will be naming what I believe to be the six North Minneapolis crime families. 


Anonymous said...

buckner can now go back to his corncob crack pipe and smoke his sorrows away "northside style" and figure who he will "scare" next. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

John, this guy couldn't fight his way out of a wet paper bag so, if he does anything, it will be very bitch like because there's nothing special about his sorry ass when it comes to being bad but his mouth.

Anonymous said...

I usually read your blog and generally agree with some of your statements. However, the comments about Brett are totally unnecessary. If you knew Brett, more than likely you have completely taken this statement (but who is to say this is what he said - - heresay) completely out of context.

Johnny Northside! said...

I sent a question to Brett through his online social media to find out if Jerry Moore was working for him. I asked the question, loudly, quite a few times here on this blog. No answer came from Brett's campaign.

If Brett is such a great guy, then he should tell Jerry Moore to pay something, anything on his judgment. But if Brett was such a great guy, he would have paid his own judgments, wouldn't he?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I am sure no one can make anyone pay any judgment that is owed. My suggestion to you would be to file a summons for garnishment of Mr. Moore's wages if you want what is owed to you. It is NOT Mr. Buckner's debt - - he should not be put on blast for the debt of someone else less alone an employee (if that is the case - - and I don't know either way) of his.

As I said, generally I agree with some of your blogs; however, I think this one is totally bashing someone based on hearsay information you received. Have you ever thought that Brett is not and will not comment on the matter because he actually didn't say it? What makes your resource on this hearsay so credible? I think it is sad that you automatically assume that because he presumabably said he would take it "northside" that he would try to do harm to you, your car or other things you have mentioned. That is a sign of ignorance on your part; why would you say such a thing? Because he is an African-American from North Minneapolis? Do you think all African-American's in North Minneapolis are gangsters and/or affiliated with others that are?
Sometimes silence is the best policy . . . and in this case Brett Buckner is right not comment on such blatant ignorance based on hearsay.
The majority of your blogs are based on faxed you have received from the courts that are public knowledge, however, you choosing to make a statement based on hearsay makes me second guess reading your blog. I am sure that wouldn't make a difference to you either way.

Anonymous said...

B. makes some good points, John :)

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, while searching for information about the 2009 mayoral race, I found your site. I was hoping you would serve as an objective source for intelligent analysis about issues affecting an often-neglected portion of my city. As someone that put on the boots to serve our country, I greatly appreciate your willingness to sacrifice for our freedom. However, during the past few years, I've noticed that you've abandoned journalistic integrity for personal vendettas, vilification of crime victims, and appeals to racists that even my Appalachian relatives would find excessive.

Despite no evidence to corroborate your view, you've decided to defame multiple political candidates, especially Brett Buckner, because you heard - not discovered, not found evidence in support of, but merely heard – that a guy who owes you a few bucks might be working for them. As for Mr. Buckner, did you attend any of his open meetings, public events, or meet-and-greets to see if this was the case? Did you do any legitimate shoe-leather reporting? Much like the fringe mayoral candidates that dropped their Jackson at City Hall, then spend 5 months sitting on their butts, cranking out irrelevant blogs instead of placing actual work into their campaigns, you made unfounded accusations with no factual infrastructure or plain-old effort to back them up. You might disagree with Brett's financial outlays within his campaign, but you cannot doubt the passion and concern he has for the community that has hosted his family for nearly a century. Your lack of anything remotely analytical in your critique (not to mention the racism of statements like your "imagining" of the linguistics that Brett would employ within response to you, as if he just some fool who could not communicate) makes me wonder if your Tea Party-level vernacular would find a more "pure" environment in northern Alabama, where you can surround yourself with fellow race-baiters and anti-intellectuals.

Johnny Northside! said...

My source is impeccable and personally witnessed Jerry and Buckner together, more than once, with the appearance of Jerry working for Buckner. Another source, the one who put me on the facts initially, backed that up.

I attempted to contact Buckner through his campaign website to ask him about it. He never got back to me. But I sure did hear about the words spoken in church about how mad he was these things were being written. If Buckner was mad, he could have contacted me and told me his side of the story. As it is, there's relatively little doubt Jerry Moore was INVOLVED in Brett Buckner's campaign.

Just as there is little doubt Buckner didn't pay two judgments. Did I say little doubt? There's actually NO DOUBT when it comes to him not paying the judgments.

Buckner got trounced at the polls but can take comfort in the fact a leafy green vegetable running for public office came in fourth. So Buckner can hold his head high compared to Lenny Chism, who was trounced by a garden gnome.

As for the "personal vendetta" part, it's not merely PERSONAL but a matter in the court systems that Jerry Moore owes me $3,799.69. If he wants to make payment arrangements, he should contact my attorney.

Johnny Northside! said...

Or, to put it another way, "repeated and specific evidence in the Hennepin County Court system" shows Jerry Moore owes John Hoff $3,799.69.