Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peter Rickmyer, Frivolous Litigant Sex Offender, Files Lawsuit Against Jordan Area Community Council, JACC Scheduled To Discuss "Rickmyer Solution" Tomorrow Night...

Creative stock photo, blog post by John Hoff

Peter Rickmyer, a Level Three Sex Offender who has been declared a frivolous litigant in Hennepin County Court, and is awaiting a similar determination in federal court, has filed yet another lawsuit against the Jordan Area Community Council.

Information online reveals the lawsuit was filed October 21. JNS blog does not yet have a copy of the lawsuit but a the online information, linked above, shows the suit involves Rickmyer's continuing obsession with Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. Rickmyer reportedly suffers from some kind of "cognitive" disability, i.e. the stuff his probation officer tells him goes in one ear and out the other, plus his little head thinks for the big one.

JNS blog has learned...

...the JACC will be meeting tomorrow night and discussing the Rickmyer problem. The fact Rickmyer has been wanted since 1990 on a "non-extraditable" warrant in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma will almost certainly come up in the discussion. The name of his Hennepin County probation officer, Gregory Fletcher, is also likely to be thrown around quite a bit.

And then there will be a "shotgun marriage" between the two lines of discussion.

WHY DOESN'T GREGORY FLETCHER MAKE RICKMYER DEAL WITH THE OLD WARRANT IN OKLAHOMA COUNTY, OKLAHOMA? How can Rickmyer be reforming himself if he has technically been a fugitive since Saddam Hussein was eying Kuwait with bad intent?

For those of you who just caught the subtle homage to "Aqua Lung," click here for music video as your reward. 


Anonymous said...

A wonderful Aqualung reference indeed! Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

" eying Kuwait with bad intent?"
Got it. Had to take a second read, but didn't need to listen to it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Word is JACC went into "closed session" to discuss the Rickmyer situation. Don't know anything else except JEFF SKRENES WAS ELECTED BOARD CHAIR.

Awesome. Way to go, Jeff.

Put this creep behind bars where he belongs and one day you might be elected to the city council.