Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Absentee Landlord Named "Dung" Purchases 2755 Penn Ave. N., Site Of The Infamous "Hooker Steps"

Facebook photo used under First Amendment Fair Comment and
Criticism, public safety exception to copyright, blog post by John

Word surfaced in a discussion on North Vent Facebook page that 2755 Penn Ave. N., famed as the location of the "hooker steps," has been purchased by an absentee landlord. 

The landlord, whose name is Dung Tu, is listed under the "owner" section of online records as being from Shakopee, yet his address listed is the same as the property address. He purchased the house for $30,000 in August, completed repairs in December, and had that sucker rented this month. 

An distinct lack of joy and excitement is noted among a number of sensible North Minneapolis residents, who can't help but wonder what sort of people moved into a $30,000 house with "hooker steps" owned by an absentee landlord named "Dung." 

It is assumed the answer will come in the spring when the House of Dung begins to thaw. 


Anonymous said...

House of Dung, formally known as House of Dong?

Anonymous said...

grrrr - I wish they would stop parking on the yard and I wish 311 would do something about it.