Sunday, January 5, 2014

Two Charged In Connection With U Of M Robbery Have North Minneapolis Addresses...

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On the pages of North Vent Facebook Forum recently, some Northside residents were talking about the recent rash of robberies near U of M, and were saying stuff like, "We have violent robberies in North Minneapolis EVERY DAY. So why don't our robberies get this kind of media coverage? Are the robberies in OUR NEIGHBORHOOD accepted as the norm, while robberies near U of M are an ABERRATION?"

Words to that effect. And then, answering their own rhetorical question: "YES!!! That's EXACTLY how it is, and we're getting the short end of the stick, here! When is the media going to report upon OUR rash of armed robberies and when are the police and public officials going to MAKE THE ROBBERIES STOP?!"

Well, I don't know how North Minneapolis residents will feel about THIS news. Click here for one of the criminal complaints. The second complaint is alike in every way, except it names the other defendant.

The two individuals arrested in connection with the U of M robberies are...

...Nehemiah Jovan Richardson (DOB 3/28/89) and Freddie Pernell Jackson (DOB 3/24/92) who also uses the alias Freddie P. Henderson.

MNCIS is down on Sunday, so I am unable to pull their rap sheets, if any, quite yet. However, Richardson's mugshot appears online for an arrest from 2009, click here, when he was charged with terroristic threats. A site called "Just Mug Shots Dot Com" has an extensive lists of arrests, as follows:

Similar Records:Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2013-01-01
Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2013-04-26
Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2013-05-20
Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2013-05-26
Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2013-08-10
Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2013-08-27
Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2013-09-17
Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2013-09-30
Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2013-10-19
Nehemiah Richardson - Arrested on 2014-01-03

Freddie Pernell Jackson's mugshot also appears online (click here) for charges in 2011 of fleeing a police officer. And for an assault and loitering case that same year. 

Jackson's address on the criminal complaint is 2902 Knox Ave. N., a rental owned by Rori Investments LLC of Eagan, Minnesota. It was a foreclosure in 2007. 

As for Nehemiah Jovan Richardson, his home address is listed as 6700 Humboldt Ave. N., Number 202, Minneapolis, MN 55430. This address (how embarrassing for the authorities!) does not exist in Minneapolis. It does, however, exist in Brooklyn Center at Sterling Square Apartments, and that's probably the one prosecutors MEANT. 


Anonymous said...

First, NoMi residents should be happy they these thieves in their midst have been apprehended. Second, the victim of this theft had to almost drag the cops kicking and screaming to arrest these guys. In fact, the Minneapolis cops refused to take action, so the victim (a foreign student) insisted that the U of M police take action. The victim found his own stolen property using the GPS capability and made the U of M cops investigate it. He's a ballsy mofo taking on some thug over a stolen laptop.

Johnny Northside! said...

Wouldn't it be great if people could HIRE POLICE? I mean, hire somebody to go and make an arrest in a case where you can't get the REGULAR police to act? I wonder if, for example, licensed private detectives could provide this service? It seems like society needs this kind of service.