Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Frivolous Federal Lawsuit By Peter Rickmyer, Level Three Sex Offender Living In North Minneapolis With Finely-Aged Outstanding Warrant In Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, Is Pending Dismissal In United States District Court, District Of Minnesota...

MN DOC mug shot, therefore public domain, blog post
by John Hoff

Wow. I really wish I had time to read this fifty-six page Report And Recommendation (click here) by Honorable Judge Leo I. Brisbois in Minnesota's United States District Court. The report is not a final ruling, but in practice the federal court often "signs off" upon such a report in a final one-page ruling. So I am told.  

My name and my blogging is mentioned in this document numerous times, based upon what I can tell from scanning it for a minute and a half. THAT should interest me, shouldn't it? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME that I can't even get excited...

...over a 56-page court document filled with my name? Is there some kind of medicine I can take to renew my joy in seeing my own name spelled correctly in court documents, and facts concerning my blogging preserved in the immortal archives of our American justice system?

Heaven knows the document DOES interest me at about "5" on a scale of 1 to 10, but who has time for Level Three Sex Offender Peter Rickmyer and his never-ending stream of frivolous litigation against me and half a dozen other people and entities? The whole POINT is to waste our time, so heck if I'll let him succeed, even by reading a document that recommends dismissing Rickmyer's claims and awarding $5,000 in attorney fees to Attorney David Schooler. (Payable inside The Creepy Republic Of Pervert in Sex Offender Pesos, good luck buying a haircut with THAT)

I'm just glad my lawyer, Paul Godfread, dealt with this matter the way you'd call a police officer to handle a smelly, violent drunk at a Long John Silvers fast food establishment...

Take that idiot outside. I have OTHER FISH TO FRY. Much valuable time has already been wasted SMELLING this man. Thank you, officer, and when you're selling tickets to the policeman's ball, mark me down for several...

In my mental absence, readers are welcome to look over the document linked above. Submit a comment if you find anything interesting you think I should know about. The document seems really deep and thoughtful, full of footnotes.

(Eye roll, joyless half-shrug filled with ennui)

Let me know if it contains anything exciting like a nice turn of phrase.

For god's sake, don't PRINT this thing. THINK OF THE TREES.

By the way, Peter Rickmyer is wanted on an outstanding warrant in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, in association with a creepy sex offense he committed there against some young boys, circa 1989, 1990. The warrant has been outstanding since around the time US authorities were arresting the former leader of Panama. 

But Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, in its infinite okie wisdom, refuses to make the warrant "extraditable" and have Pete The Pervert returned to their state where, no doubt, he'd file frivolous litigation all day long and waste THAT state's resources.

I'm sure there's a pithy Will Rogers quote to cover this kind of situation...

But I don't have time to look for it right now. 


Anonymous said...

There's your 15 minutes of fame. You can stop tooting your own horn now.

By the way, do you know why it took so long to catch Noriega?
Because he was lying face up on a gravel road.

Anonymous said...

It took me a while to read the document. It is interesting but it doesn't say anything that we don't already know about it. At least Rickmyer has to pay another $5,000 in penalities.