Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fire At 4700 Colfax Ave. N. Last Night, Yet Another Rental Owned By Yet Another Absentee Landlord...

Photo credit to North Vent Facebook forum, blog post
by John Hoff

There were apparently two house fires in North Minneapolis last night, one at an abandoned house on the 500 block of Knox Ave. N. and the other, pictured above, at 4700 Colfax Ave. North. Word is nobody was home at the time and even the dog made it out safely. 

The house above is owned by Herman Capital Partners II of Crystal, Minnesota, a name that has come up before here on JNS blog and not in a positive way, click here. I do not know if Herman Capital Partners is related to Herman Capital Corporation, an entity which once provoked the ire of Hawthorne Hawkman back when he was blogging regularly as my guest blogger. 

It is unknown at this time if this house will be saved following the fire damage or if Herman Capital Partners will accept a fat insurance check and then leave another empty hole in our neighborhood in the manner all-too-typical of absentee landlords and real estate entrepreneurs who come to my neighborhood with a head full of dreamy dollar signs but end up becoming objects of scorn on neighborhood blogs. 


Anonymous said...

They were home at the time, i know this because we took the kids in to my house while the parents where taking to police. Rumor has it that the boy friend started it. Could he arson. this is the second fire on that block within 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

For all we know JNS started the fire just to write another bogus story about absentee landlords