Sunday, January 5, 2014

EVEN MORE PHOTOS Of 516 Cedar Ave. S., Site Of A Fatal Explosion And Fire, And This Blogger's Special Little 311 Graffiti Obsession...

Photos, blog post by John Hoff

OK, so I just wrote about this topic. Well, I found even MORE photos documenting my obsession with graffiti at 510 Cedar Ave. S., which is part of the "master address" of 516 Cedar Ave. S., site of a fatal explosion and fire on New Years. Authorities have not yet determined the cause, but Homeland Security is part of the investigation.

Since about 2008, as often as I walked by the building and saw graffiti, I reported it, racking up a number of reports over the months and years. At least a dozen, by my rough reckoning, but maybe more.

The two photos, above, which I either emailed to 311 or took with the intention of emailing to 311, show my son, Alex, wearing the same coat as in the previous photos. But I believe these photos were taken... the spring of 2010, not in 2009 like the earlier series of photos. According to the Star Tribune, city inspectors were ALL OVER THIS PLACE in 2010, and had required the cleanup of graffiti among other inspection items. Compare that information with my blog posting from early August, 2010, click here.

In these two photos, above, I notice the incorrect time stamp appearing in previous photos has been removed. Also, my son doesn't have his hood up to protect against cold weather. The graffiti is also completely different, even though it's the same green door.

From the content of the photos and their location in my photo files, I can tell these two photos were taken some months later, or even as much as a year later from the previous series of photos.

I warned you, dear readers. I was OBSESSED with the graffiti on that building. I couldn't even explain to MYSELF why I was obsessed. If somebody had asked me, in August of 2010, exactly WHY I was obsessed, my answer would have been...

I can't explain it. It's like GOD TOLD ME to keep making 311 reports.

Think I'm saying that ex post facto for dramatic effect?

Then read my blog post from August, 2010. 


Anonymous said...

People died and are homeless and you're only concerned about graffiti? How heartless and compassionless can you be? You are pathetic.

Johnny Northside! said...

The fact the building in question was a graffiti magnet prior to the tragic explosion and fire (still under investigation) is merely an interesting sidelight to the story and well worth writing about.

By the way, has anybody conclusively determined it was NOT a Chinese made rocket propelled grenade that went off by accident while in the possession of a recruiter for Al Shabab? Just saying. Nobody knows what the hell caused that fire and explosion and we're all waiting for the final word.

Anonymous said...

OMG what a racist comment, you think all Somali Muslim men are terrorists working for Al Shabab? Racist, absolutely racist. Only someone with a racist mind could have written that comment. If I could think of a word beyond disgusting to describe you I would use it you vile sociopath. You walk the path of Satan.

Johnny Northside! said...

Don't take the comment beyond what was said. I want to know WHY THE BUILDING EXPLODED. I believe the Homeland Security team that was there would like to know, too.

Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Typical response by a sociopath. Deny the implication and suggest that the reader is wrong.
No, your words taken at face value are offensive and racist. Clearly your mind suggests that because this building housed only Somali men that one of them must have been a terrorist.
We take the comment exactly as you said, and the take is that your racism surfaces no matter how hard you deny it, or try to hide it.

Johnny Northside! said...

Ah. I see.

So what if it turns the building blew up because of something like that? Then what would you have to say?

Also, it was funny how quickly people were saying "OMG, it was gas!" except for the gas company which was saying, "No, it was not." Very odd how people had an explanation for the explosion but the only explanation they had was denied by the experts who would be in a position to know. If the gas company had the least doubt, don't you think the gas company would have kept quiet or said, well, we're "looking into it?"

Very odd how a building EXPLODES. And on New Year's Day almost like, "Welcome to the New Year, bitches."

Of course, maybe the explosion wasn't intended for that spot. Maybe it was intended for somewhere else and just went off there by mistake?

Ah, but this is all speculation. We wait for an explanation from the investigators.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe some poor freezing soul was using the gas stove on an unusually cold night to heat the apartment and the flame went out filling the room with gas until BOOM!!
That was my first thought.
Again, your response it typical of a sociopath. You try to use backwards logic to defend your position.

"Welcome to the New Year, bitches."
Seriously? No matter how hard you try to smooth over your racist thoughts, you just dig yourself a deeper hole.
Have you considered therapy? it's covered by the VA.

Johnny Northside! said...

I like your theory about the gas stove. It's very plausible and covers all the known facts. However, given the fact Al Shabaab has been known to recruit from the Somali community on the West Bank, and given the fact terrorists often possess things that explode and something in a Somali-controlled building EXPLODED, my theory (and I'm not asserting it's what happened, just speculating) is also plausible and covers known facts.

Including the fact it was New Year's. There have been a number of terrorist incidents that have happened on January 1 as a way of announcing "this will be a very hard year." I can remember when I was just a kid in the 80s and there was a New Year's bombing in, I think it was, Nairobi, Kenya?

My theory is a lot more fun. I guess we'll see what comes out, if anything, from the investigation.

And not everybody who goes to a war zone gets PTSD. Quit engaging in hurtful stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

You misunderstand. The suggestion you get therapy was not related to your military service.
It is because you are a textbook sociopath (Antisocial Personality Disorder). This blog, your comments and responses, and your documented behavior available on the internet supports that conclusion.
Your Antisocial Personality Disorder started long before your military service.
But since you served your country, and we thank you for that service, we also provide you free mental health services via the VA.
The services are yours for the asking, but you need to take that step.