Friday, January 31, 2014

Facebook Journalist Reports Tonight's Murder Was At 3739 Aldrich Ave. N.

Photo published on North Vent Facebook page, used here under First Amendment
Fair Comment and Criticism and JNS blog asserted public safety exception to
copyright, blog post by John Hoff

This blog continues to obtain hot leads and information from North Vent Facebook forum, (NVFF) which has become an online journalistic entity in its own right; more editorializing about THAT another time but at the moment somebody has been murdered.

A known and credible person on NVFF reports the scene of tonight's murder of an unknown male (click here for mainstream media coverage) was 3739 Aldrich Ave. N. and APPARENLY took the photo, above. After posting some information moments ago the poster "went dark" and hasn't answered further responses about HOW HE KNOWS it was 3739 Aldrich Ave. N. and whether he took the photo above.

The information is, however, sufficient for blog purposes. To avoid the possibility of a dreadful mistake, however, I am not going so far as to publish the name of the owner(s) of that homesteaded property quite yet until more info is confirmed.


Anonymous said...

You must be referring to the Facebook group everyone calls "Racist North Vent". We call it RNV in other Facebook groups.

Johnny Northside! said...

First time I've heard that name. Is that a name you're trying to popularize? Not having much luck with that, are you?