Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Peter Rickmyer, Frivolous Litigant And Level Three Sex Offender Wanted In Oklahoma County, Oklahoma On Warrant From 1990s, Frolics Around Filing Objections In Minnesota Federal Court...

MN DOC mugshot, therefore public domain, blog post by John

Peter Rickmyer, notorious frivolous litigant and a Level Three Sex Offender who has spanked minors for sexual gratification and exposed himself to young boys in Oklahoma, and has been wanted on a "non-extraditable" warrant in Oklahoma since around the time Germany was given permission to reunify recently filed even more pointless paper in federal court...

Rickmyer's quasi-lawsuit (really more of a manifesto of pervert gibberish with eerie echoes of the writing style of suspended Minnesota lawyer Jill Clark) names this blogger and claims I am part of some kind of evil conspiracy with the MN Department of Corrections. (Swirly gesture by head, eye roll) A federal magistrate issued his recommendations on the lawsuit, which are likely to be adopted by the federal court, but all the parties have some time to file their objections.

Naturally, Rickmyer seldom misses an opportunity to file something and so he filed this...THING.  

Click here for a link to the document.

I guess two items in the document are worth commenting upon...

My favorite line from the document, "Defendants premeditated to take away my constitutional rights(...)"

To which I say, "Did that happen when we conspiracied?"

And then there's a line which says JACC "appointed Plaintiff (Rickmyer) onto JACC's Finance Committee."

Really? When did THAT happen? Did that ever happen? Did that happen back in the dark days when Jerry Moore was running the organization, an unfortunate circumstance which later required a forensic audit just to figure out how much money couldn't be accounted for?

Say it isn't so, JACC! Tell me you didn't put a Level Three Sex Offender on the finance committee!

JNS blog strongly suspects Rickmyer will have more parole/ probation/WHATEVER conditions imposed on him in the near future.

(Joke font) I talked to my MN DOC co-conspirator Will McDonald about this topic over ravioli at Atlas Grill and I was all, like, (Godfather voice) "Will, you gotta do this thing for me" and Will said, "Yeah, yeah, the thing" and I said, "Just let me know when it's done" and Will nodded, grimly, drank the last swig of Moscata d'Asti, wiped his mouth with a linen napkin (fade in dramatic violin music) and THAT WAS THAT, Rickmyer's fate was sealed.

(End joke font)  


Anonymous said...

I recall his creepy ass getting booted from JACC meetings cuz of the young kids present, and trying to come back and getting the boot a few times but no recollections of electing him to anything. Lol
The Capt.

Johnny Northside! said...

Comment rejected. You know you can't say stuff like that so don't do it.