Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Details Emerge About John Adrian Handy And Dogfighting Allegations And Restrictions On Handy's Ownership Of Dogs...

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Last night I wrote about the arrest of John Adrian Handy for dog fighting allegations, using nothing but info from the jail roster. Today a neighbor and financial supporter of this blog forwarded information that fleshes out the details. The information flew around on the Old Highland Neighborhood listserv...

Here was the original incident summary, which partially redacts 1417 Fremont Ave. N., the homestead of Mr. Handy and almost certainly the address where the alleged incidents took place:

Incident Location: 0014** Fremont AV N
Date and Time:  1/23/2014 2:37:00 PM - 1/23/2014 8:00:00 PM
Primary Offenses:  Carry a weapon without a permit
Public Information:
A search warrant was executed at the incident location. Five dogs and dog fighting paraphernalia were seized. Two handguns were seized. A copy of the search warrant and page 5 were left at the scene.
Further Investigation.
Arrested Parties, if any (name - age / Address AptNo City, State Zip):
John Handy - 46 / 001417 Fremont AV N  Minneapolis, MN 55411
A neighbor then shared the following info and asked a question of the neighborhood crime specialist:

JH was arrested in the past for the same offence.
It was even on the news at that time - showing a tread mill being removed from the house.  He has always had dogs even after that incident.  We tried calling about it but it turned out he was not forbidden to own dogs even after that, and there have never been more than 2 or 3 dogs visible at a given time that would be obviously illegal.
Rowena, What can you tell us of his past offence(s), and what might happen to him now?  Will he finally be forbidden to own dogs?  Is there anything we as neighbors can do to help, or watch for if he yet again is allowed to keep dogs?
Rowena, the neighborhood crime specialist answered in this way:
I am checking with the Police Sgt., who was the arresting officer on this case.  She will be able to answer these questions.
What, I can tell you is that, I do not think that Mr. Handy will ever be able to own a dog over 20lbs. again  I’m not sure when the law came into effect about dangerous convicted felons owning dogs. He should not have had a gun in his possession either, so there is a lot of very real concern about Mr. Handy.
I will be in touch.
Stay Warm!

This was followed by another email later:
I spoke with the Investigator for this case.  This is what she told me.
Neighbors should call 911 as Mr. Handy has been a convicted felon since 2010, and is not allowed to own dogs over 20 lbs.  Also, none of his dogs were licensed.
Mr. Handy has a misdemeanor animal cruelty conviction and felony narcotics conviction in Illinois from 2010. His dog fighting case in 2010 was declined by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.  Sgt. Herron has an open case on him for Animal Fighting and Felon in possession of weapons.  Criminal charges are pending.
Because Mr. Handy is a convicted felon, he cannot own dogs until 2020.
Neighbors are asked to call Minneapolis Animal Control if they see Mr. Handy with dogs prior to 2020.  The dogs were housed outside without proper shelter.  Please call 311 if you ever see this going on again. PLEASE REMEMBER, MR. HANDY CANNOT OWN DOGS UNTIL 2020!
Thus, it would appear no prosecution of Mr. Handy will take place unless concerned neighbors lobby it into existence. In light of this info...
I'll be running to North Vent in the next five minutes and sharing this info.


Anonymous said...

Typo? 1407 is mentioned, and I believe you meant to say 1417, in your post.

Johnny Northside! said...

Thank you for catching that. I fixed it. It certainly is 1417.

Johnny Northside! said...

KSTP got the lead from this blog through postings on North Vent Facebook Forum and ran with the story.


Un-discussed in the story is whether this guy will actually face any charges. There is deep concern about that.

Anonymous said...

No mention on KSTP of them giving credit to this blog.

Johnny Northside! said...

It's cool. Everybody on North Vent knows who put that story idea in front of Todd Wilson and what really MATTERS is helping the dogs and getting this monster prosecuted.