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Burglary Charge Against Eugene Thomas Powells Shows "No Snitching" Code Of The Streets Continues To Erode...

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The case of Eugene Thomas Powells, (DOB 7/20/88) documents what appears to be a continued shocking erosion of the "No Snitching" rule of the streets.

Though I have been told repeatedly by police that "no snitching" was never a strong rule, anyway, and MOST OF THE TIME criminals would crawl over each other like feral cats at a Pussy Riot to cut deals,  ALL THE SAME...

Shocking evidence of a TOTAL EROSION OF THE CODE OF THE STREETS continues to come my way, the latest example being Eugene Powells. According to a recent criminal complaint, click here, when Powells tried to burglarize the house of a neighbor, (allegedly) the neighbor called police DESPITE the fact she knew the suspect's mother and had even provided food to the suspect's mother in the past...

The burglary incident happened back in July but Powells is sitting in jail right now facing four charges with a combined bail of $100,000. In July, a woman located at a home in "Minneapolis" (no more specific description than THAT) awoke to a sound she thought was "rustling papers." She went into her living room and saw "Eugene," a person known to her from the neighborhood. Eugene was clearly illuminated but immediately ran.

The woman called police and discovered her daughter's television was missing, along with a car stereo and a pack of Kool Cigarettes, the preferred smoke of alleged burglars. The woman's wallet was also missing, containing EBT card and bank cards, as well as identification. However, she found the television and car stereo out in the alley, no doubt where these items were being staged for somebody to come along with a car and snatch them up when the burglary was complete. The victim of the robbery (even her INITIALS are not in the criminal complaint) knows the suspect as somebody who lives in the area of 52nd Ave. N. and 6th St. N.

The victim called "Tammy," the mother of Eugene, and stated Eugene had just stolen from her.

"MY BABY WOULDN'T STEAL," Tammy replied, or words to that effect. Tammy put Eugene on the phone, who replied in a very "bored tone" that he had NOT been in the woman's house, and had NOT stolen anything, and furthermore he doesn't even OWN a black t-shirt like the burglar she'd seen in her house.

The burglary victim stated how this was very upsetting, because her own children had played with Eugene's two younger siblings and, furthermore, when "Tammy" needed money and food, the woman had given Tammy money and food. DESPITE THIS CLOSE CONNECTION TO THE ALLEGED ROBBER, the victim was willing to summon po-lice, the heat, THE MAN.

Many a crime like this goes unreported, but NOT THIS ONE. JNS blog hopes this is a sign "law and order" community standards are growing stronger in North Minneapolis and making headway against the "rule of the streets."

The victim positively identified Eugene from a lineup. There's no other physical evidence noted in the criminal complaint. The complaint lists Eugene's address as "unknown" at the top but then later in the text states the address of the defendant a month earlier was known to be 5046 6th St. N., which shows up under the "master address" of 5044 6th St. N., a rental owned by Todd Kormanik of 8891 37th St. N. Lake Elmo, MN.

Powells was also charged in an incident involving a purse-snatching, click here for THAT criminal complaint. In that incident, a guy named Tyrone Labare Thorpe was involved, allegedly, in a violent purse snatching where the victims managed to turn the tables and catch one of the robbers. Eugene Powells is accused in that incident of being found in the bedroom of a nearby apartment building with the stolen purse. Based on the allegations, it would appear Eugene's favorite crime is stealing purses from women.

In addition, the jail roster is showing a charge of 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, Force or Coercion, but there's no criminal complaint in my possession for THAT charge.

And now, in homage to landlord Todd Kormanik of Lake Elmo, a YouTube video which has no connection to ANYTHING except the name "Elmo."

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