Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2719 Lyndale Ave. N. Receives Coat Of Ill-Matching Paint To Cover Graffiti, This Small Improvement Doesn't Change Its Status As Abused And Neglected Stepchild Of Neighborhood Housing Service Minneapolis...

Photo from North Talk Facebook forum, blog post by John Hoff

On the very day I had promised to make a very public stink about 2719 Lyndale Ave. N. if the graffiti slathered all over the front wasn't fixed by Neighborhood Housing Service Minneapolis, I have been made aware the graffiti is FIXED; see photo above. 

(Hmmm. Is it just the angle I'm looking at, or is the snow not shoveled on the walkway?)

This slap-dash coat of ill-matching paint represents, well, a half-assed form of progress causing neighbors to rejoice in a very restrained way. Now the bigger question (and this blogger intends to keep asking it in a very public way) why hasn't this house, vacant since 2009, been renovated as everybody expected when NHS Minneapolis took control? Why has the "Lyndale Stepchild" been abused and neglected for half a decade? 

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Anonymous said...

I live in a house supposedly rehabbed by NHS back in the late 90's. The main contractor they hired to do they work might as well have been the same incompetents hired by Basil Fawlty to build a garden wall. Pretty sad when most of the structural issues requiring major repair are those made less than 15 years ago versus the original 100+ year old construction. Specifically, the garage they built needs to be torn down and completely re-done as no proper drainage was put around the foundation, so its shifted and warping the frame; the front and back porch were constructed of interior-grade wood and are completely warped; I won't get into it more, that's probably enough detail. But as a taxpayer and a home owner, it's obvious to me NHS is a terribly run organization that wastes money on completely incompetent, fly-by-night companies to re-hab properties, and then further handicaps the low income people buying them because any extra capital they may have for improvements goes to fixing the mistakes of NHS rather than building on the equity of the re-habbed property. What a joke.