Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tootie's Recovers Lost $4,000 NoMi Camera!

Photo By John Hoff 

Some days ago, North Minneapolis marketing whiz Pat Carney lost his $4,000 camera at Tootie's restaurant. This was looking like a huge loss--not just to Pat Carney, but to the NoMi neighborhood--because the pictures Carney is taking document an amazing era of our neighborhood's history, when the vacancies caused by the mortgage fraud crisis became more "opportunity" than "problem." When history is being written, Part Carney is often right there, snapping a photo.

So what a loss it could have been! However...

Tootie's Restaurant--a real family-style place with great home cooking, and no hard liquor--set the camera aside for Pat Carney.

The least this blog can do is put out the word: patronize Tootie's! They have good food but, even more importantly, good people.


Jordan Neighbor said...

Thank You Tootie's!!

- Jordan Neighbor

Anonymous said...

Tooties Rocks! And they drive a Mustang - cool folks!