Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sometimes We Just...Hang Out (Part Two)

Top Three Photos By John Hoff, Bottom Photo By Brian Thao Worra

During the night of the second presidential candidate debate, I hung out with Jeff Skrenes and Bryan Thao Worra...former communications director for HNC, now on the Hawthorne Board, and one heck of a guy...

Went to watch the debate at a restored, vintage 1931 movie theater. The DFL had arranged to use the theater for people to watch the debate, and the large crowd made it a lot of fun...especially members of the Missile D*** Chicks, who I met during the RNC 2008 protests.

(Above, Jeff sees if the "thunderstick" noise makers can serve as fake walrus tusks)

Afterward, we went to the Chatterbox bar, where I had a Bloody Mary and did that thing I always do: I told the waiter "drag it through the garden" to help popularize this phrase to mean "put as many veggie garnishes as you possibly can on my Bloody Mary."

Try it some time. When you're ordering a Bloody Mary, just say, rather casually, "Drag it through the garden." If the bartender asks what that means, explain it's a phrase used to mean "put a lot of veggie garnishes on it, as many as you can."

In any case...we don't spend ALL our time cranking out the monthly newsletter and attending public hearings. Sometimes we just hang out.

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